Watering Clematis

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Clematis are a flowering vine the bloom from spring to fall depending on the variety. To ensure the plant thrives and grows to be a healthy and beautiful vine, sufficient moisture through the growing season will encourage a healthy root system and beautiful foliage and flowers.

How To Tell If Clematis Needs Watered

To determine if the clematis needs to be watered, you can check the soil and also look at signs on the plant. When the top 1 inch of the soil starts to dry out, that is when you should consider watering the plant. Cracked dry soil means it is too dry, and that you should water immediately. Some common visual signs that the plant is under watered is slow growth rate, and an all-over wilt. After a while, the leaves will start to turn yellow and brown and eventually fall off. 

If the plant is being overwatered, the new and old leaves will start falling off the plant. Also the base of the plant will start to become mushy.


How Often To Water Clematis

Newly planted clematis should be watered 2 to 3 times a week for the first several weeks to help get the plant established. Again, this can vary depending on the weather at the time you put the clematis in the ground. Ensure the soil is draining well between watering.

Once established clematis need 1 inch of water on average each week. That will vary though, depending on several factors. If the soil does not drain well or drains too fast, that will change how much water the plant needs. If there is a period of drought in the middle of summer, that will also change how much the vine needs.

If you are growing a clematis in a pot, you will probably need to water the plant 2 to 3 times a week. Be sure to have ample drainage in the container to ensure the soil doesn’t stay wet. The soil should stay moist most of the time though. Check to see if the top 1 inch of soil is moist or not before watering. That should always be your guide.

Best Time To Water Clematis

Like most plants, the best time to water clematis during the day is in the morning. That ensures the water can seep deep down into the soil with minimal evaporation. However, if the plant needs water, do not wait until the next morning. Water immediately if the plant needs it or is showing signs of drought stress.

Clematis will need more water during hot summer months. In the spring and fall, the plant may not need to be watered, depending on where you live.


How to Water Clematis

Learn how to water clematis in 3 easy steps.

Estimated Time - 10 Minutes

What You Need

  • Watering Can
  • Hose
  • Irrigation System

Step 1 - Check the top 1 inch of soil.
If the soil is dry, then water immediately. If the soil is still moist, you do not need to water the plant.

Step 2 - Apply water to the base of the plant.
You can use a watering can, hose, irrigation, or drip system to water the plant. The important thing is to soak the ground enough so at least the top 6 inches of soil get moisture.

Step 3 - Make sure the soil hasn’t completely dried out in between watering.
Check back 2 to 3 times per week to ensure the soil doesn’t completely dry out in between watering. Cracked soil and brown leaves are signs that there was too much time between watering.

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