Ice Plant Isn't Blooming

Delosperma, or ice plants, are flowering perennials. The flowers feature wispy petals and bloom during the spring and summer. The blooms are a big reason to grow this plant, although the thick, succulent leaves add texture and greenery. It is disappointing when ice plants do not bloom, but there is always a reason, and it is usually an easy fix. Here is what to do if your ice plant is not flowering.


Common Reasons Why Ice Plant Isn’t Blooming

Ice plants are easy to maintain, but not enough sunlight, improper pruning, or too much fertilizer can prevent the plants from blooming. If you notice your ice plant is not blooming or not setting as many buds as it should, relocate the plant to an area with more sunlight. Ice plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight to thrive and bloom.

Pruning Ice Plant To Help It Bloom

Ice plants are fast-growing perennials often used for ground cover. These plants need to be pruned after the flowers fade around mid-summer. Pruning ice plants before the plant is done blooming may prevent or reduce flowering. Only remove dead stems in mid-spring and wait to cut back overgrowth after flowering.

Fertilizing Ice Plant To Help It Bloom

Ice plants can grow well without fertilizer, although a few well-timed applications of plant food help the plant thrive. Underfeeding ice plants will not likely prevent flowering, but overfeeding and using the wrong fertilizer may prevent flowers. Apply a slow-release, balanced fertilizer in the spring to support healthy, blooming plants. 

Get Ice Plant To Produce More Blooms

The best way to get ice plant to bloom better is to make sure it gets enough sunlight. Plant it in full sun with 6 hours or more of direct sunlight. Get ice plants to bloom by providing excellent springtime care. In mid-spring, remove dead or damaged growth. Apply a slow-release, balanced plant food and ensure the plant receives water when needed. Well-cared-for plants will flower abundantly in the summer.


Why Ice Plant Isn’t Blooming

  • Not enough sunlight
  • Over-fertilized or fed using the wrong type of fertilizer
  • Pruned too early or removal of buds
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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 06-03-2023