Indian Hawthorn Companion Plants

The compact, rounded form of the Indian hawthorn makes it a wonderful hedge or foundation planting. Depending on the variety, these bushes can stand three to six feet tall. Leathery leaves have smooth or serrated edges, providing contrast against the darling flowers. The five-petaled blooms are often white or light pink and have a sweet fragrance. Enjoy the flowers during the spring. By late summer or fall, the flowers transition into dark blue fruit. Indian hawthorn is an evergreen shrub, and the berries stay in place throughout the winter, providing an extra burst of color. 

Indian hawthorn needs full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Established plants have some degree of drought tolerance but do best when they receive water during an extended dry spell. Grow this bush in zones 7 through 10.


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Shrubs To Plant With Indian Hawthorn

The Japanese honeysuckle produces fragrant tubular flowers in the spring that later turn into edible berries. Mature plants can reach up to six feet tall and wide. This bush grows in the same conditions as the Indian hawthorn. Alternate these bushes in a row or plant a smaller variety in front of the taller bush to add height and privacy to a backyard landscape.

Provide year-round color by planting Indian hawthorn with pittosporum, another evergreen shrub. Pittosporum features glossy foliage and grows in zones 7 through 10. Springtime flowers are often fragrant and complement the equally charming Indian hawthorn blooms.

Juniper is a low-maintenance shrub that ensures color all year but does not compete with the showy Indian hawthorn. Select a creeping variety to use as a ground cover around Indian hawthorn or a tree-like variety to enjoy privacy. 


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Perennials To Plant With Indian Hawthorn

Edible plants like rosemary and lavender pair well with Indian hawthorn. Both rosemary and lavender have a full, bushy form, creating a low but dense planting. Daylily is a flowering option that doesn’t require much care once established but provides consistent summer flowers. Plant sedum if you want another easy-care companion for Indian hawthorn that will bloom during the late summer and fall. 

Annuals To Plant With Indian Hawthorn

The flowering annual purslane is low growing, making it a good fit around the base of the taller Indian hawthorn. The summer-blooming flowers introduce color, while the thick, succulent-like stems and foliage provide color and texture. Plant purslane in full sun and water during a dry spell, similar to Indian hawthorn care.

African daisies feature brightly colored flowers from spring through fall. Place them in full sun and in well-drained, acidic soil for best performance. Plant African daisies in a row in front of Indian hawthorn or randomly fill a mixed bed with both plants for a more organic look.

Best Companion Plants For Indian Hawthorn in Containers

Indian hawthorn is low maintenance, making it a wonderful container plant. Pair this flowering shrub with hardy geraniums to enjoy an easy-to-maintain planting. The geraniums will form a green mat around the container, working as a filler, while the upright Indian hawthorn will provide height and serve as a thriller.

Plants Not To Grow With Indian Hawthorn

The Indian hawthorn is not invasive or aggressive and is generally a good companion for plants with similar care needs. Indian hawthorn does not grow well with plants that require full or partial shade, like impatiens or lungwort. It also does not tolerate standing water and should not be grown with bog plants like rush or gunnera.

Best Plants To Grow With Indian Hawthorn

Indian hawthorn is an evergreen shrub that blooms during the spring and features berries in the fall and winter, providing a lot of texture and visual interest. The best companions for it will thrive in full sun and comfortably live in zones 7 through 10. Japanese honeysuckle, juniper, African daisies, and geraniums pair wonderfully with Indian hawthorn due to their similar care requirements and complementary looks.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 10-14-2023