Pansies Aren't Blooming

Pansies have beautiful flowers with overlapping petals that can be monochrome and feature bold contrasting pops of color. This stunner prefers cool summer weather and continues to bloom during the spring and summer. The flowers are the main attraction for Pansies, so it is disappointing when this perennial fails to bloom or has limited blooms. You can help turn things around if your Pansies are not flowering or the buds are not opening. Simple changes to the type of care provided can help Pansies bloom. Learn how to identify problems and appropriate solutions to help plants bloom better.


Common Reasons Why Pansies Aren’t Blooming

  1. Warm Weather

Pansies prefer cool temperatures, and flower production slows down as the temperature climbs. The plant may not bloom during a heat wave. Continue to water the plant; buds may emerge when the temperature breaks.

  1. Sunlight

This is a shade-loving plant, and too much sunlight can be damaging. Pansies can handle limited amounts of direct sunlight, but too much light can impede blooming. Relocate plants that receive a lot of sunlight to areas with partial shade.

  1. Pruning

Pansies are prone to becoming leggy, and a rejuvenating trim can kick-start growth and help these plants thrive. A heavy prune can be damaging and may impact flower production. Do not prune more than one-third of a plant at a time. Fertilize plants after pruning to encourage more growth and give the plants time to bounce back from a hard prune.

  1. Water

Damp conditions help Pansies thrive. Too much or too little water can be damaging, and plants may not bloom unless they receive the proper amount of water. Feel the soil, and water Pansies when the top inch of soil is slightly damp.


Pruning Pansies To Help Them Bloom

Light shearing can help Pansies bloom. This plant can become overgrown or leggy, and when this happens, the plant spends more energy on foliar growth at the expense of flowering. Trimming back excess growth will rejuvenate growth and allow the plant to push out blooms. Deadheading also encourages more flowers by enabling the plant to redirect energy into flower production.

Fertilizing Pansies To Help Them Bloom

Pansies respond well to fertilizer and grow best in rich soil. Routine fertilization keeps the plants healthy and blooming. Water-soluble and slow-release fertilizers are both excellent options for Pansies. Use a balanced fertilizer for Pansies. The fertilizer should have NPK ratios between 10-10-10 and 20-20-20, so it will support foliage, flower, and root growth. Fertilizers high in nitrogen will reduce flower production.

Get Pansies To Produce More Blooms

Get back to basics whenever plants, including Pansies, are not blooming. Dial in the amount of sunlight and water the plant receives, remove overgrowth, and adopt a fertilization schedule to support new and healthy growth. Pansies are easy to maintain, but they need specific care to keep the flowers coming all spring and summer.


Why Pansies Aren’t Blooming

  • Too much light
  • Too hot
  • Not enough pruning or too severe pruning
  • Improper fertilizer
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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 08-01-2022