Peony Care

Peonies are a deep, bright maroon red and are actually a bit pointy when they first come out of the ground.  After a week or two, they start to stretch up to the sky and the tips open up a bit.


It is always a bit shocking when the vibrant red stalks turn completely green and look utterly different from the previous week's growth.  A typical established peony will have anywhere from 5-10+ of these stalks in a large circle that will grow straight up.


At this point in spring, the leaves are bright green and very glossy with a little red still left in the very center. 


When they bloom, they are a most glorious sight...layers upon layers of fluffy petals in shades of pink, red and white. And the smell is beyond divine!


After a few years in the ground, peony will grow into a large, dark green plant with a rounded habit that does not need pruning.  The flowers are only one of the reasons to have peonies in a garden. This summer has been a wet one so far and some peonies suffered from a little peony blight.  See those few black edges?


What is blight?

There are various diseases peonies can get. This plant disease, typically caused by fungi such as botrytis fungus, Phytophthora blight, powdery mildew, and root rot.