Planting Amaryllis

A very popular plant to grow indoors during the winter months is amaryllis. Usually purchased as a large flower bulb, the plants come in several sizes and colors and are the perfect addition to your holiday or Christmas decor. Brighten up your indoor space with these easy to care for plants!


Steps To Plant Amaryllis

Step 1 - Let's start at the beginning...Looks at those roots!! Plant them down into your potting soil.



Step 2 - Secure soil around the base, but you do not need to cover Amaryllis completely.


Optional - cover the soil with a bit of orchid moss to make it look nice and keep moisture in. But do not cover to top tip of the Amaryllis.  See that little white bit? That will turn green and turn into a big beautiful leaf very soon!


Design Tip - Plant these big bulbs in groupings of 3,5 or even 1. Odd numbered bulbs tend to look best!!

Step 3 - Water thoroughly to start with to help the soil pack around the bulb. Make sure the container has drainage holes and the soil or medium drains well. After the initial watering, only water when the top inch or two of the soil is completely dried out.

Best Location For Growing Amaryllis Indoors

You can keep the bulbs and the pot at room temperature (65 to 75 degrees) and the plant will be very happy. Pick a warm spot in your house with a lot of direct sunlight if possible, and as much bright light as possible.

How Long Does It Take For Amaryllis To Bloom?

From start to finish, it will be around 6 to 8 weeks from planting to blooming. Once you see new growth (the flower stalk and leaves) from the bulb, it will take around 3 to 4 weeks for the plant to begin to bloom. The plants can be a little stubborn though, so don't lose patience if it doesn't bloom that fast. And do not over-water the bulb if you get impatient. That will only hurt the plant. 

Amaryllis Not Growing Or Blooming?

If your bulb seems to be struggling to grow a flower stalk or produce flowers, you may want to add some plant food for the amaryllis. We prefer using compost, but that can be hard to come by when it's frozen outside.

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Author Chris Link - Published 10-25-2021