Planting Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a beautiful plant that covers a range of different cultivars, including Lonicera periclymenum. This plant features striking tubular flowers that give off a lovely scent and later give way to berries. This perennial is deciduous, but the foliage of most varieties puts on a display in the fall and turns vibrant hues of red and bronze. Honeysuckle requires some care and attention during the first growing season, but once this beauty is settled in, this plant is very easy to maintain. Learn the correct way to care for Honeysuckle so you can watch these plants thrive.


What You Need To Plant Honeysuckle

  • Shovel
  • Compost or manure
  • Garden spade
  • Good location
  • Water source
  • Mulch

Where to Plant Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle needs lots of light, but too much heat can be a problem. The ideal location for Honeysuckle will receive full sunlight. In hot southern climates, this plant will prefer some shade or partial sun. Honeysuckle will do best in a place where the base of the plant is shaded, but the top receives light. Soil should be rich and well-drained. Honeysuckle prefers a neutral soil, but it can still handle acidic or alkaline pH.


Honeysuckle Spacing

Space Honeysuckle plants so they will not touch neighboring plants or buildings. A shrub that will grow 4 feet wide should be planted with the center positioned 2.5 to 3 away from its neighbors. This space lets air flow around the plant while giving it room to reach and grow. Some varieties of Honeysuckle are vines, so giving these plants space ensures they do not latch onto and overtake nearby plants. Climbing varieties will make good use of a trellis or support if one is provided.

Steps To Plant Honeysuckle

Step 1 - Choose a spot that receives full to partial sun

Step 2 - Dig a hole about 2 times wider than the root ball

Step 3 - Amend the soil in the hole with organic compost or manure

Step 4 - Place the root ball level with the ground in the prepared hole

Step 5 - Fill the hole with soil and firmly press the ground into place

Step 6 - Water the plant to saturate the roots

When to Plant Honeysuckle

Plant Honeysuckle during the spring. This plant is a perennial, so it is winter hardy, but it needs time to acclimate before it can take on cold winter weather. Allowing this plant the entire growing season to acclimate will help it establish its root system and become a reliable addition to your landscape for many years.


Transplanting Honeysuckle

Transplant Honeysuckle during the late fall when the plant goes dormant. The plant will not go dormant in warm regions, so gardeners in mild climates can transplant Honeysuckle shrubs or vines during the spring or fall. You want to avoid moving the plant during the peak summer heat. Large plants can be cut back as needed before moving, but trim no more than one-third of the volume. Prepare the new spot, dig up the existing plant, and plant the Honeysuckle in its new home. The plant will not need much water if it is dormant, but water consistently when the weather warms up to help the newly moved plant acclimate.

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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 07-21-2022