Watering Aglaonema

Aglaonemas are native to tropical forests in Asia and are sometimes referred to as the Chinese evergreen. They require high humidity and adequate moisture to thrive. These conditions can be replicated indoors using humidifiers or humidity trays, and watering plants deeply every 1-2 weeks. Given ideal conditions, aglaonemas will even bloom, much like their cousins the spathiphyllum or peace lily.


How To Tell If Aglaonema Needs Water

Chinese evergreen prefers slightly moist soil at all times. When the top 2 inches of soil feels dry, give the plant a thorough soak. Then leave the soil to dry slightly before the next time you water. Plants usually need more water during their growing season in spring and summer, and less water in their dormancy during fall and winter. Aglaonema needs high humidity to avoid crispy leaf margins. To increase humidity around your plant, place them in a bright bathroom or kitchen, or use a humidifier, mister, or humidity tray.

How To Water Aglaonema

As with many other houseplants, aglaonemas prefer to have their soil dry out slightly between waterings. Use either rain water or filtered water for your aglaonema in order to prevent salt and chemical buildup in the soil. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Typically, these plants will need water every 1-2 weeks depending on their environment. For example, moisture may evaporate more slowly from the soil in a humid location and more quickly in a sunny location. 

Well-draining soil and an escape for excess water are key to proper drainage. Pot your aglaonema in loose potting soil using a pot with drainage holes. Make sure the plant never sits in water by emptying any saucers or cache pots. 

Aglaonema Watering Tips

  • Water aglaonema about every 1-2 weeks
  • Use filtered or rain water to avoid salt and chemical buildup in the soil
  • Keep your aglaonema’s soil slightly moist 
  • Don’t let the plant sit in excess water
  • Use a humidifier or humidity tray to replicate aglaonema’s native environment

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Author Chris Link - Published 12-18-2023