Watering Astilbe

The astilbe is a flowering perennial that can produce flowers of a diverse range of colors such as pink, red, and lavender. These plants can bloom any time between late May and early August, depending on the specific variety. To ensure your astilbe grows healthy and strong, it is important to provide its root system with an adequate amount of water to help it thrive.


How To Tell If Astilbe Needs To Be Watered

Because water is crucial for this plant’s success, giving its soil a quick glance may not be enough to tell whether it needs watering or not. Although the color of the soil may be a good indicator – lighter brown signifying dryness and darker brown signifying moistness – the appearance of the surface level of the soil may not always reflect the moisture level underneath it.

A better way to determine the moisture level of your astilbe’s soil is to insert your finger 2 to 3 inches deep into the soil. Be careful to avoid poking the roots. If you accidentally touch the roots, try another spot. If the soil feels dry, it’s time to water it. If it feels moist, leave it be to avoid overwatering.

Too much exposure to the sun can also dry out your astilbe’s leaves and cause your plant to droop. Ensuring it’s in an area with access to shade will help to prevent this issue.

How Often To Water Astilbe

Astilbe perennials need well-draining, fertile soil with compost to flourish. After planting, water it deeply to ensure that the soil is consistently moist. Mulch will also be beneficial as it can help to retain moisture.

Once your plant is established, you will need to water it at a very minimum of once per week. Doing so will help to develop a strong root system. It’s critical to keep in mind that the soil should not be wet. Puddles can harm and kill your astilbe.

If you are growing your perennial in a container or pot, you will need to water it more frequently. In this case, water it twice per week or more if you notice dryness in the soil. When watering, do so slowly to give the water time to seep through.


Best Time To Water Astilbe

Ideally, you should water your astilbe during the morning or evening at the latest. This is because, especially in summer, watering during the afternoon will cause the water to evaporate due to the heat, meaning less water will be absorbed into the plant’s soil.

On the other hand, during winter, you should try watering your astilbe around mid-day when temperatures are higher. Doing so later in the day may cause the water to freeze before it has been fully absorbed into the soil.

How to Water Astilbe

Step 1 - Insert your finger at least 2 inches into the soil.

If it feels dry, water it right away. If the soil feels moist enough, do not water it.

Step 2 - Water generously.

Remember, astilbe plants require quite a bit of water. Be sure to water it enough so that all of the soil gets wet, not just the top layer. Water it slowly to give the water time to seep through the soil.

Step 3 - Follow the recommended watering routine.

As previously mentioned, you should water your astilbe on a weekly basis. If potted, twice a week.

Astilbe Watering Tips

  • Dry soil needs to be watered immediately
  • Remember to feel the soil to accurately tell if it’s moist or not
  • Overwatering can destroy your plant
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Author Chris Link - Published 07-06-2022