Watering Juniper

Juniper is a shrub that adds greenery to a space year-round. This shrub is known for being drought tolerant and relatively low maintenance, allowing juniper to grow and thrive in most conditions. Maintaining a proper watering schedule, especially for young plants, is essential for growing healthy plants. 


How To Tell If Juniper Needs Watered

Juniper plants like to dry out between watering. Overwatering is typically more of a problem for Juniper than underwatering. The branches may become brittle and dry out if the plant needs water. The tips of the branches may turn brown or yellow if the Juniper is overwatered.

Well-draining soil is crucial for Juniper, particularly when the plant is grown in a container. These evergreen shrubs prefer dry conditions and are susceptible to root rot when continually exposed to dampness. Allowing extra water to drain will help the plant dry out and thrive.

How Often To Water Juniper

Juniper shrubs need to be watered twice weekly for the first two months after being planted. After that initial period, you can scale back to watering once a week during the first year. Well-draining soil ensures the plant gets a drink without being stuck in standing water. Watering is especially crucial during a drought or dry spell. 

Mature Juniper plants have a more established root system and will not need regular watering. This evergreen shrub is drought-tolerant, and rainfall is enough to sustain an established plant.


How Frequent To Water Potted Juniper

Juniper grown in a container will need to be watered once a week or when the soil dries out. Potted Juniper plants grown in full sun may dry out more quickly and require frequent watering. Plants grown in partial shade may not need to be watered as often, so check the soil to determine the level of moisture or dryness before watering.

Best Time To Water Juniper

Juniper plants do not need to be watered in the winter or when they are not actively growing. During the summer, water young Juniper plants when the soil is dry. It is generally best to water in the morning to hydrate the plant before the sun’s rays beat down.

How to Water Juniper

Step 1 - Check the soil.

If the soil is dry to the touch, then it is time to water. If the soil is damp, then the Juniper does not need water.

Step 2 - Water the root ball.

You want to water the soil at the base of the plant, directly above the root ball. Whenever possible, apply water to the soil and try to keep the branches and needles of the Juniper dry. A fungal infection may form if the branches are routinely damp, so try to keep the greenery dry when watering the plant.


Step 3 - Saturate the soil.

For a potted plant, water until the excess drains through the pot. For Juniper growing in the ground, you want to water until the top 6 inches of the soil are wet.


Juniper Watering Tips

  • Apply water to the soil and try to keep the branches and needles dry.
  • Juniper growing in full sun will require more water than plants growing in partially shaded areas.
  • Well-draining soil is crucial for Juniper.

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