Ajuga Isn't Blooming

Disappointed Ajuga has not bloomed? Ajuga, also known as Bugleweed, typically sends up its brilliant spikes of violet flowers during early May to late June. However, this perennial may not bloom well in too much shade or in poor soil. To encourage Ajuga to bloom, make sure its growing conditions are optimal. Unlike many other perennials, routine deadheading is not required and will not extend the bloom period. 


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Common Reasons Why Ajuga Isn’t Blooming

Ajuga may not bloom for many reasons including excessive heat, excessive cold, pests, and overcrowding. However, the most common reasons include for lack of blooms include excessive shade, too little water, improper pruning, too much nitrogen, and too little potassium. Identifying the culprit will help Ajuga get back to blooming.

Pruning Ajuga To Help It Bloom

While deadheading Ajuga does not support blooming, light pruning can be beneficial. Since Ajuga is susceptible to fungal diseases, trimming any damaged or congested growth will create more space among the foliage. The improved air circulation will help prevent diseases such as crown rot from developing. A healthy plant is more likely to bloom, so make sure to keep Ajuga tidy and regularly divide large clumps.

Fertilizing Ajuga To Help It Bloom

Usually, Ajuga does not need fertilizer other than a thin layer of compost/manure during the spring. However, Ajuga may not bloom well if the soil contains too much nitrogen but not enough potassium. Nitrogen supports the growth of stems and foliage. Potassium encourages flowering. Test the soil to correct any deficiencies. If too much nitrogen is present, flush the soil with water and mix in coconut coir or straw. The extra nitrogen will be exhausted by organisms breaking down the organic matter.

Get Ajuga To Produce More Blooms

Ajuga may not be blooming because it needs more sunlight. Consider pruning any nearby plants blocking the light, or move Ajuga to a sunnier location. Make sure Ajuga is getting enough water. Mature Ajuga can handle periods of drought, but will bloom best in evenly moist soil.

Why Ajuga Isn’t Blooming

  • Growth is damaged or congested.
  • Nutrient levels in the soil are unsuitable.
  • The plant isn’t receiving adequate sunlight.
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Author Suellen Barnes - Published 11-21-2023