Are Phlox Deer Resistant?

Phlox is not a preferred plant for deer to eat. Deer tend not to be attracted to scented plants. Tall phlox dies back when exposed to frost. The aerial portion is dead during the winter months. Deer will eat from your garden any time of the year but are less picky during the winter when their favorite foods may not be available. They may eat creeping phlox.

According to Rutgers University this plant is occasionally severely damaged on their rating scale from Rarely Damaged to Frequently Severely Damaged.

Rarely Damaged
Seldom Severely Damaged
Occasionally Severely Damaged
Frequently Severely Damaged

How To Keep Deer Away From Phlox?

The best way to keep deer out of your garden is to surround it with a tall fence. You can surround your garden with prickly plants that they will want to avoid rubbing up against. Scented repellents work, but you have to change the scent every few weeks to keep the deer suspicious of danger. 

Will Phlox Come Back After Deer Eat Them?

Phlox will grow back after deer eat them. If the damage occurs during the growing season, creeping phlox may continue to grow, but tall phlox may not grow back until next year. Phlox will flower again next year. Phlox may flower after being damaged, but it depends on the severity, timing of the damage, and the bloom time for individual species.


Sources: Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station ‘Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance’ 2018


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Author Maureen Farmer - Published 02-22-2022