Emily Reeves

About Emily Reeves

Emily Reeves is a gardener, writer, and horticultural marketing professional living in the high desert of Fort Collins, CO. She loves nurturing a lush, lively, and low-maintenance sanctuary in her front and backyard gardens. She thinks gardeners can change the world yard by yard for the better, creating habitat for insects and wildlife, and well being for all.  

Emily currently works for Monrovia Nursery Company, a nationwide nursery that takes immense pride in carefully cultivating a vast variety of plants of the highest quality. 


Education and Certifications

Emily cultivated her love of literature and nature by getting her master’s degree in Environmental Literature at Colorado State University.  She got her bachelor’s in English at Illinois State University, graduating summa cum laude


Favorite Plants

My yard is full of low-water, low-maintenance, and pollinator-friendly perennials like salvia, sedum, and coneflower.

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