Dead Nettle Isn't Blooming

Dead Nettle is a flowering perennial that produces small flowers, often in white, pink, or purple shades. Also known as Lamium, this plant is an easy-to-grow groundcover. Flowers bloom in spring and early summer, but the lovely variegated foliage stays in place throughout the growing season. It’s disappointing when Dead Nettle plants do not flower, or the buds do not open. There is usually a reason why the Dead Nettle plants do not bloom, and if you determine that reason, you can work on a solution.


Common Reasons Why Dead Nettle Isn’t Blooming

Improper or inadequate care is often why flowering plants do not bloom. Dead Nettle plants need full to partial shade, and plants that receive too much light may not bloom. Plants that are under- or over-watered may also fail to set flower buds. Dead Nettle plants do not have high water needs, and since they thrive in shady conditions, overwatering is a common problem that can prevent flowering.

Pruning Dead Nettle To Help It Bloom

Overgrown plants will not bloom or may not set as many flowers. Dead Nettle plants typically do not need to be pruned until after flowering is complete, but if the plant is large and unwieldy, cutting it back may encourage flowers during the spring and early summer.

Fertilizing Dead Nettle To Help It Bloom

Dead Nettle plants are not heavy feeders, but some well-timed fertilizer applications will keep this flowering perennial full and healthy. Feed Dead Nettle using a balanced fertilizer in the spring and mid-summer. Too much fertilizer or incorrect fertilizer can negatively impact the plant and may prevent flowering. 


Get Dead Nettle To Produce More Blooms

Help Dead Nettle plants produce more flowers by providing excellent care. Make sure the plant receives full to partial shade and water when the soil is dry. Feed Dead Nettle using a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer in the spring and midsummer. Deadhead the plant to encourage more blooms and trim straggly growth.

Why Dead Nettle Isn’t Blooming

  • Too much sunlight
  • Inadequate watering
  • Leggy growth
  • Improper fertilizer
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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 05-16-2023