Dogwood Care

Common Dogwood Care Questions

Do Dogwoods Like Sun Or Shade?

Flowering dogwoods will generally perform better if they're planted in partial shade. though they can be grown in the sun or shade. Full sun can be a stressor for the trees, and make them more susceptible to disease. 

Are Dogwood Trees High Maintenance?

Once they are established, dogwood trees are relatively easy to care for. They may need additional water during hot spells, autumn, or winter but rarely require pruning aside from removing dead branches. 

How Can I Make My Dogwood Bloom Better?

Two things, compost, and peat moss. Dogwoods love rich, acidic soils. They don't love chemical fertilizers, so avoid those.

What Are The Dogwood Soil Requirements?

Dogwoods love rich, acidic, naturally nutrient-packed, well-drained soils. 

What Is The Growth Rate For Dogwood?

Dogwood trees are slow to moderate growers. There are many conditions that affect growth rates in any plant or tree, soil quality, weather, watering, etc., dogwoods can gain between 1 to 2 feet a year. 

Dogwood Leaves Turning Brown?

Leaf scorch is one thing that can cause the leaves to turn brown if the tree is getting too much direct sunlight and/or not enough water. Dogwoods have a preference for light shade and protection from rough, drying winds, which can contribute to the browning of the leaves. 

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