Fertilizing Lantana

Lantanas are a wonderful addition to your yard and are very versatile.  They can be used as ground cover, in plant borders, patio containers and hanging baskets.  Birds and butterflies love these multicolored plants and you will have hours of entertainment watching them flit and fly around your garden.


When it comes to care and feeding these plants are really low maintenance once established.  You don’t really need to fertilize them if they are planted in the ground.  A light fertilizer in the spring is really all you need to keep your plants growing and thriving.  If your plants are planted in a container or hanging basket then you may want to give them more feedings or use a slow release fertilizer and reapply once a month.

How to Fertilize Lantana

Lantanas thrive in acidic soil conditions.  You can easily test the pH of your soil with test strips or simple home tests.  In the springtime you may want to apply a good general fertilizer at the base of your plants.  The best fertilizer for lantanas is an evenly balanced one with a NPK ratio of 10-10-10 or 20-20-20. 

Lantanas are easy to care for and most general fertilizers work well for them.  If you are fertilizing container plants you will want to do so more than once a year.  Once a month is usually enough for most potted lantanas.  Choose a fertilizer that has a slow release formula and is water soluble. 

Best Time To Fertilize Lantana

The best time of year to fertilize your lantanas is the early springtime.  Depending on your growing zone and variety.  You may also apply fertilizer in the autumn but it is usually not necessary.  Lantanas are a low maintenance plant.  In fact if you over feed or fertilize they may not produce as many flowers.

Best Fertilizer For Lantana

The best type of fertilizer for Lantanas is a good general one. Look for products with a NPK ratio of 10-10-10 or 20-20-20.  For container plants slow release and water soluble products work best. Some potting mixes also have fertilizers added that you may need to supplement after a few months of growing.

Lantana Fertilizing Tips

  • Use a good general fertilizer in the springtime for ground plants.
  • Do not over fertilize lantana.
  • For container plants apply a slow release fertilizer once a month.
  • If using a potting soil with fertilizer, apply more fertilizer after a month or two.
  • If your plants grow year round you may want to fertilize again in the Autumn.

Always wear protective gloves and a face mask when handling chemical fertilizers.

Closely follow all directions and storage guidelines that are on the fertilizer label. Keep all chemicals out of reach of pets and children.

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Author Janice Cox - Published 12-15-2021