Pruning Lantana

Pruning Lantana (Lantana camara) is not totally necessary to keep your plants growing and healthy. Many people do like to cut back their plants as in certain growing zones they can often take over a space. Pruning or cutting back the plants in the springtime will keep your plants in good shape. 


However, if you want your lantana to cover an area as a ground cover then you really can just let it grow and do a bit of deadheading or removal of flower blooms to keep it blooming and thriving and not worry about it spreading out and covering up a space. In planted containers and hanging baskets you can cut blooms and shoots. This will keep your plant looking it’s best and your container arrangement balanced and healthy.

When to Prune Lantana

The best time of year to prune your lantana plants is in the early spring. This will give the plants a good start to the growing season. Some people like to trim up their plants during the winter months. This of course only works in growing zones where lantana is left to grow year round and treated like a perennial plant.

If your plants are taking over an area of your yard, you can trim or cut them back anytime of year. Just make sure you do not cut your plants during the heat of the day as this is stressful for them.

How to Prune Lantana

Step 1 – Assemble all of your tools, sharp shears, bucket for trimmings, small rake.

Step 2 – Look at your plant and trim off any dead or broken shoots or branches.

Step 3 – Cut back your plant to the shape you desire. Do not remove more than a third of the plant at any one time or this can be stressful to your plant.

Step 4Deadhead or cut off any dead or spent flower blooms. This can be done throughout the growing season to keep your plant blooming and looking its best. You may also want to leave a few heads to go to seed if you are trying to expand or cover an area of your yard.

Why Prune Lantana

Pruning your lantana is a matter of personal choice and landscape design. Some gardeners never cut back or shape their plants and are quite happy with how they grow and cover up an area of their yard or perform in containers and hanging baskets. However Lantana can grow quite large and take over part of your yard so in these cases pruning or cutting back your plants once a year or every other year keeps them under control. Deadheading promotes more flower blooms which will add more color to your yard and also attract birds and butterflies.

Lantana Pruning Tips

  • Prune lantana in the springtime.
  • Remove dead branches and broken branches to keep plants healthy.
  • Prune overgrown plants to a third of their size.
  • Cut plants back no more than six inches from the ground.
  • Do not prune in the late fall or winter months in colder climates.
  • Deadhead spent flower blooms to encourage more flowers.


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Author Janice Cox - Published 12-15-2021