Growing Joe Pye Weed in Pots

Can Joe Pye Weed grow well in pots? Yes, this sizable perennial shrub makes a lovely container plant. The lush foliage and fragrant flowers add color and visual interest to a space. At the same time, the large size makes for a beautiful living wall to divide an outdoor area or add privacy to a balcony or patio. Joe Pye Weed is a low-maintenance plant, but potted shrubs require extra attention. Growing Joe Pye Weed in a container is not challenging, but the plant will need more frequent attention than plants grown in the ground.


Planting Joe Pye Weed in Pots

Plant Joe Pye Weed in pots in the spring. This herbaceous perennial plant will die back when the weather turns cold. Plants grown in a protected area, out of the elements, can be planted at any time of the year. 

The best planter for Joe Pye Weed will be 12 to 15 inches wide and have drainage holes to avoid overly wet conditions. Any planter material is suitable, but consider the planter's weight and the plant's size if you intend to move the potted Joe Pye Weed during the growing season. Place the potted Joe Pye Weed in full sun to partial shade.

Best Soil For Joe Pye Weed in Pots

Use a moist, well-drained soil for Joe Pye Weed. This plant is adaptable but prefers a pH of 5.0 - 8.0. A potting soil with high organic content will support new growth and prolific flowering. Spread mulch along the top of the soil to retain moisture and reduce weeds.

Caring For Joe Pye Weed in Planters

Joe Pye Weed is an easy plant to grow and does not require much care, but potted plants need some extra attention to watering and fertilizing. Plan to water potted Joe Pye Weed more often than plants in the ground, but be aware of how much sunlight and rainfall the plant receives. Container-grown Joe Pye Weed will need to be fertilized during the growing season. Winter care is easy since this plant needs protection from the elements more than anything.

Watering Joe Pye Weed in Pots

Joe Pye Weed has medium water needs and likes consistent moisture. Water potted Joe Pye Weed weekly or when the top few inches of the soil are dry. Plan to water more often during a dry period but less frequently in the event of significant rainfall. Thoroughly saturate the potting mix when it is time to water until excess water runs through the soil and drainage holes.

Fertilizing Joe Pye Weed in Pots

Joe Pye Weed is not a heavy feeder, but fertilizing is beneficial for potted plants. Fertilize Joe Pye Weed in pots at the beginning of the growing season with a slow-release formula. Alternatively, you can apply a liquid fertilizer each month during the growing season. Potted plants benefit from more frequent fertilizer applications because the nutrients in the soil are flushed away as the plant is watered, and the plant depletes the nutrients over time.

Winter Care For Joe Pye Weed in Pots

Potted plants often need to be relocated to a protected area during the winter. The roots of plants in the ground are protected against cold temperatures by the soil, but potted plants do not have the same level of protection. If you live at the lower end of its growing range, move potted Joe Pye Weed to a garage, shed, or basement to get the plant out of the elements. If the plant is fully hardy in your zone, move the pot to a protected location outdoors, such as a porch or patio where it will be safe from severe storms and standing water. Moving the potted plant also protects the container. If exposed to cold winter temperatures, plastic and ceramic containers may crack or shatter.

Growing Joe Pye Weed Indoors

This plant is an herbaceous perennial that dies back when the weather becomes cold. Joe Pye Weed uses winter dormancy to prepare for the next growing season. The lack of growth does not make Joe Pye Weed a good houseplant, and allowing the plant time to rest will ensure a more abundant growing season. In addition, Joe Pye Weed is a large plant, so moving a potted plant inside for the winter may not be easy or an option.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 07-05-2023