Pruning Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed has an excellent natural form, but pruning is part of regular maintenance. This herbaceous perennial dies back in the fall. Removing dead growth keeps your space tidy and ensures a healthier plant going forward.

A well-timed trim during the growing season will also remove leggy or floppy growth and encourage a more compact, bushy plant. A rejuvenating trim keeps the plant full and lush and may promote another round of fragrant flowers. Pruning Joe Pye Weed is easy, but when and how you prune matters. 


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When to Prune Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed is a large flowering plant that is also an herbaceous perennial. All branches and vegetation die in the fall when the weather turns cold. The dead growth needs to be removed, but you have options regarding when to remove it. You can cut back and remove dead growth in the fall after the first frost. Trim the stems, leaving a few inches above the ground. Or, remove all of the dead growth early in the spring, allowing the spent foliage to protect the crown over winter. The dead growth can cause mold and harbor fungal disease, so removing the dead growth in the fall is advisable if you have previously dealt with fungal infections.

Plants can become leggy or straggly part-way through the growing season. Cutting Joe Pye Weed back by about half in the midsummer will promote sturdier stems. The plant will be smaller after the trim, but the new growth will fill in, creating a full appearance. 

Why Prune Joe Pye Weed

Prune Joe Pye Weed to keep the plant looking tidy. Overgrown plants have long stems with bare spaces, and the plant may flop without staking. After the cut, the plant will be smaller, but pruning stimulates new growth. The shrub will fill in after a couple of weeks. A midsummer pruning will encourage more flowerheads, so the display will be full of color.

How to Prune Joe Pye Weed

Step 1 - Inspect the plant for dead or damaged growth.

Remove damaged growth at any time.

Step 2 - Cut back tall varieties.

Prune the plant by half its size in mid-June.

Step 3 - Remove all growth after the first frost.

Trim back dead growth in the fall or early spring.

Joe Pye Weed Pruning Tips

  • Remove dead or damaged growth as needed
  • Cut Joe Pye Weed back by half by mid-June
  • Remove dead growth after the first frost in the fall or by early spring


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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 07-05-2023