Growing Lobelia In Pots

Lobelia can grow well in pots with minimal effort. Compact or trailing annual lobelias are a great choice for hanging baskets or planters placed on patios, balconies, entryways. Lobelia is a great, colorful choice to add to a variety of planters, and they are easy to care for as container plants. 


Planting Lobelia in Pots

The best time of year to plant annual lobelia in pots is in the early spring after the last risk of frost. Lobelias prefer a full sun or part shade location. Keep in mind that the more full sun exposure, the higher the water needs of the container. Lobelias are versatile and can be a nice spiller addition to mixed containers of various sizes. Containers with drainage holes made of plastic, terra cotta, or ceramic are the best choices for lobelia. 


Best Soil For Lobelia in Pots

An all-purpose potting mix is the best potting soil for lobelia. A scoop of compost can be added to the mix to give the plant a nutrient boost. It is important to make sure the soil is well draining and the container has drainage holes. Use a layer of mulch on the soil surface to help maintain moisture levels and discourage weeds. 

Caring For Lobelia in Planters

Compact and trailing annual lobelias make great container plants that are easy to care for. Start the plants off right with well-draining soil and place the pots in a sunny location. Check the soil regularly for moisture and water when needed. Hanging baskets typically require more regular waterings since they dry out more quickly. 

Watering Lobelia in Pots

Container plants often have higher water needs since the smaller amount of soil will drain and dry out more quickly than a garden bed. Pots placed in full sun will additionally need to be watered more often. During hot, sunny summer days or during periods of drought, your lobelia pots may need to be watered every day. Potted plants require less supplemental water during rainy, cool, and cloudy weather. Check the soil in your pot to see if your plant needs to be watered. 

Fertilizing Lobelia in Pots

Lobelia is considered a heavy feeder and greatly benefits from regular fertilizer, especially in containers. You want to fertilize container plants more often than plants in the ground because the fertilizer is leached out of the soil more quickly when pots are watered. Use a liquid fertilizer designed for flowering plants once a month to once every two weeks on your container lobelias.

Winter Care For Lobelia in Pots

Annual lobelia will not overwinter in pots or in the garden. It is best to remove the plants prior to the winter so that the frost does not freeze your soil and potentially crack your pots. Remove and compost dead plant material. It is a good practice to clean your pots at this time and then store them in a garage or basement until the next planting season. 

Growing Lobelia Indoors

Lobelia typically does not do well indoors as a houseplant, especially over the winter. Lobelia is considered a flowering annual and requires long days of full sun to continue blooming, which your average houseplant does not receive.

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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 9-14-2022