Mandevilla Winter Care

Helping Mandevilla survive the winter is a concern in most areas. This plant naturally lives in tropical and subtropical regions, so it is not frost hardy. While most Mandevilla plants are grown as annuals in places with cold winters, some gardeners choose to bring the plant inside.


Protecting Mandevilla in Winter

Mandevilla does not need winter protection when grown in tropical or subtropical climates. Cover the plant if the forecast calls for unseasonably cold weather. In areas that receive frost, Mandevilla will need to be grown in a pot and moved indoors in order to survive the winter. Place the potted Mandevilla in a heated area. The plant does not need high heat, but a shed or garage may not be warm enough. 

Cutting Back Mandevilla For Winter

In warm areas, prepare Mandevilla for winter by cutting back the growth by no more than half in the fall. Cut potted plants back to 8 to 10 inches tall before bringing them inside. Plants grown as annuals can be cut to the ground height in the fall.

Mandevilla Winter Care in Pots

Potted Mandevilla needs protection from the elements and cold temperatures to survive the winter. Move potted Mandevilla into your house or heated space. The plant does not need high temperatures, but a cold garage or shed may be too cold to store the potted plant. Place the plant in or near a sunny window and water when the top couple inches of soil are dry.


Watering Mandevilla in Winter

Mandevilla goes dormant during the winter. Dormant plants do not require as much care. Potted Mandevilla plants grown inside need water when the top couple inches of soil are dry.  

Growing Mandevilla Indoors

Grow Mandevilla indoors to ensure this beauty survives the winter. Mandevilla goes dormant during the winter, so do not expect the plant to bloom. Growing Mandevilla as a houseplant makes it possible to keep the plant alive, so it will be ready to move back outdoors in the spring.

Steps To Care For Mandevilla in Winter

Your location will determine the type of winter care needed for Mandevilla. In hot areas, the plant can be pruned in the fall and left as is until the spring. In most areas, the plant will need to be cut back, transplanted into a container, and moved inside for the winter. 

Step 1 - Trim back outdoor plants by no more than half

Step 2 - Plants that will be moved inside can be cut back to 8 to 10 inches tall and transplanted into a container

Step 3 - Potted Mandevilla plants should be placed in a sunny window and watered when the top couple of inches of soil are dry

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 08-30-2022