Pruning Mandevilla

You have options when it comes to pruning Mandevilla. Let the vines reach and climb for a natural, jungle-like look, or maintain a more manicured look by trimming and shaping the plant. It is not necessary to deadhead Mandevilla. Removing spent flowers will keep the plant looking tidy but will not encourage more blooms.


When to Prune Mandevilla

Mandevilla is a tropical plant that grows as a perennial in very warm climates and is grown as an annual everywhere else. The growth dies in the fall when the weather turns cold if this plant is grown outside of its growing zones. You can preemptively cut the vines back in areas with cold winter weather. When grown as a perennial, Mandevilla can be trimmed in the fall. Cut the plant back by no more than half. 

Mandevilla is a large plant; some cultivars can grow 10 feet tall. You can trim the plant to keep it at a more manageable size. Cutting the ends of vines will cause the plant to push out new growth elsewhere. Managing the height of the plant will create a more full and dense Mandevilla.

Why Prune Mandevilla

Pruning Mandevilla prevents the plant from becoming leggy and scraggly. This flowering vine has a nice natural shape, but trimming can ensure the plant fits your space and looks its best. Removing growth in the fall, when the plant is grown in warm climates, allows the plant to reset and push out new growth in the spring.


How to Prune Mandevilla

Step 1 - Inspect the plant for dead or damaged growth

Cut back dead growth completely until you reach live growth.

Step 2 - Look at the overall size and shape of the plant

Shape the plant to fit your space and remove leggy growth as necessary.

Step 3 - Cut the plant back in the fall

All of the growth can be cut back in areas with cold winter weather, while half of the growth can be cut back in very warm regions.

Mandevilla Pruning Tips

  • Mandevilla has a nice natural shape, but the plant can be pruned to create a more full and lush plant
  • Remove dead or damaged growth as needed
  • Cut Mandevilla back in the fall
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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 08-30-2022