Mock Orange Winter Care

Overwintering Mock Orange properly is essential to the longevity of this plant. This bush grows in zones 4 through 11, depending on the cultivar. Some varieties can grow in cold climates with a little extra protection when the weather turns cold in these locations. In most instances, this deciduous bush does not require additional care for the winter.


Protecting Mock Orange in Winter

Mock Orange shrubs drop their foliage during the winter and go dormant, so this plant does not generally need protection during the colder months. In particular situations, Mock Orange plants may need protection during the winter, for instance, plants grown in areas with high snowfall or near a building where snow may slide off a roof may require coverage. Also, plants grown at the lower end of their growing range may need extra mulch or frost covering in winter. Mock Orange can handle mild winter weather without any extra care.


Mock Orange Winter Care in Pots

Container-grown Mock Orange plants should be moved to a protected space in areas with cold winter weather. The ground does an excellent job of insulating the roots and protecting against cold weather; potted plants do not have this protection. Moving the plant to a shed, garage, or basement, even if the space is not heated, will be enough to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. Make sure the container is frost-proof if you plan to leave it out all winter. In zones with mild winter weather, potted Mock Orange plants will not not need additional winter care. 

Watering Mock Orange in Winter

Mock Orange is dormant during the winter, which means the plant does not actively grow. Avoid watering Mock Orange during its dormancy unless conditions are unusually dry. Rainfall and snowmelt are usually sufficient to keep the roots hydrated.


Growing Mock Orange Indoors

Mock Orange is deciduous and will drop its leaves in the fall. This perennial shrub does not make a good houseplant because it has bare branches and does not actively grow during the winter. Potted Mock Orange plants can be brought into an indoor space to protect it against freezing temperatures, but this plant is not commonly grown inside.

Steps To Care For Mock Orange in Winter

While Mock Orange is easy to care for during the summer, this shrub requires even less care during the winter. Mock Orange is a deciduous shrub that will be dormant during the winter. Plants grown in the ground generally need little care, while potted Mock Orange shrubs may need to be relocated to a protected space out of the cold weather during the winter.

Step 1 - Mock Orange plants typically do not need winter protection, but plants grown in areas with high snowfall and severe cold temperatures may benefit from being covered during the winter.

Step 2 - Potted Mock Orange shrubs should be moved to a protected area in regions with cold winter weather.

Step 3 - Mock Orange plants are dormant during the winter and do not require water or any additional care.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 01-23-2023