Watering Mock Orange

Mock Orange is an easy-going shrub that requires minimal care to grow, but consistent watering, at least for young plants, is essential for this plant to thrive. Water new plants to establish a strong root system that will support established plants. Learning to spot the signs of a dry plant can help you better care for Mock Orange and ensure this plant will push out showy and fragrant flowers each spring and summer.


How To Tell If Mock Orange Needs Watered

Dry Mock Orange plants may not set flowers, and the foliage may appear limp and wilted, or leaves may curl. Mock Orange likes damp conditions, but it is possible to overwater this perennial shrub. When the plant is too wet, the leaves will turn yellow starting at the tips. In addition, the flowers and leaves may fall away and eventually the roots may root. Feeling the soil is the best way to determine whether or not Mock Orange needs water. 

How Often To Water Mock Orange

Water newly planted Mock Orange shrubs when the soil starts to dry out. Feel the soil to gauge the moisture level and water the plant if the soil is still barely wet. New plants do not like to dry out and need to stay damp to grow a full and healthy root system.

Established Mock Orange bushes are more drought tolerant and can handle dry conditions. Give the plant a drink during a dry period because while Mock Orange is drought tolerant, extended dry spells can be damaging. In regions with regular summer rainfall, mature Mock Orange bushes will not require much supplementary water. 

Mock Orange grown in containers will need regular watering during the warmer months. Water container-grown plants when the top couple inches of soil are dry. Saturate the soil until excess water drains through the container.


Best Time To Water Mock Orange

Water newly planted Mock Orange shrubs during the morning, so they have plenty of time to absorb the water before the afternoon heats up. However, anytime a plant shows signs of water stress is a good time to water. Give the plants a deep drink to saturate the root zone.

How to Water Mock Orange

Step 1 - Check the top couple inches of the soil of young plants.

Water newly planted Mock Orange if the soil is dry.

Step 2 - Water near the base of the plant.

Water around the root zone and saturate the soil.

Step 3 - Monitor the plant during a drought.

Established plants are drought tolerant, but Mock Orange will perform best with regular water during a dry period.

Mock Orange Watering Tips

  • Check the soil and water new plants when the top couple of inches of soil are dry
  • Water the ground around the base of the plant
  • Water established Mock Orange shrubs during a drought
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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 01-23-2023