Potentilla Companion Plants

Potentilla puts on a showy flower display from late spring through fall, ensuring there is always color on display. The 5-petaled blooms can be pink, red, yellow, or white and are favored by pollinators. The flowers are lovely, but this shrub also features green foliage that gives the plant a lush and full appearance. Potentilla can stand several feet tall and wide, depending on the variety. 

Potentilla is adaptable, making it a low-maintenance addition to most beds, borders, and containers. This shrub thrives in full sun and well-drained sites; while it is drought tolerant, established plants will benefit from water during an extended dry spell. Grow potentilla in zones 2 through 9 with plants that have similar care requirements, like boxwood, spirea, and verbena.


Shrubs To Plant With Potentilla

Potentilla is a deciduous shrub with deeply lobed leaves. The medium green leaves of the potentilla contrast with the glossy leaves of evergreen boxwood. Plant potentilla in front of boxwood or alternate these shrubs for a unique border or edging to define a yard. 

Match potentilla with spirea, which is another flowering shrub. Depending on the variety, spirea blooms in spring or summer and features tiny flowers that grow in clusters. The appearance of the spirea’s large flower clusters stands out nicely against the single blooms of potentilla. 

Spruce and arborvitae are evergreen options that also look nice against the prolific flowers of potentilla and provide year-round color. Plant potentilla around the base of spruce or feature a row of tall arborvitae behind a row of potentilla to add depth, texture, and color to a landscape. Low-growing juniper can be planted in front of potentilla, so both plants are visible and work together to create a full and layered appearance.

Perennials To Plant With Potentilla

Potentilla loves sunlight, so pair it with other sun lovers like salvia, coreopsis, coneflowers, veronica and agastache. Many of these perennials have purple flowers, which stand out against the yellow or white flowers of potentilla. For a low-maintenance, water-wise planting, include daisies, catmint, and lavender. These tough perennials require minimal supplemental watering and provide a long-lasting display of color.

Annuals To Plant With Potentilla

Consider lantana as a companion plant for potentilla. The multicolor flower clusters bloom from summer through the first frost, ensuring consistent color. Much like potentilla, lantana also attracts pollinators. Lantana is adaptable, but it needs full sun and soil that dries out between waterings. Petunias are another annual that grows well with potentilla. Feature the smaller petunia plants near the base of the potentilla, where they fill in the gap between the lower branches and the ground.

Best Companion Plants For Potentilla in Containers

Use verbena as a filler in a container with potentilla. Small flowers grow in dome-shaped clusters on top of thin stems surrounded by textured foliage. Verbena can reach 12 to 18 inches tall and pairs nicely without overwhelming the potentilla. Much like potentilla, verbena needs full sun to thrive.

Several potentilla varieties can be grown in the same container. The right conditions ensure all of the plants thrive, and the high volume of flowers makes for an eye-catching container.


Plants Not To Grow With Potentilla

Potentilla is not invasive or an aggressive grower, so it pairs well with most plants as long as the plants have similar care needs. Sun-loving potentilla is a good fit for a bright, sunny spot in a landscape, so it doesn’t mix well with hostas, coleus, or perennial vinca, which all grow best in shadier conditions. Plants that need damp or moist conditions, like joe pye weed or swamp milkweed, are not a good match for potentilla.

Best Plants To Grow With Potentilla








The best plants to grow with potentilla are drought tolerant and require full sun and good drainage. Potentilla is adaptable, but proper care is necessary if you want this shrub to continue to bloom throughout the growing season. Boxwood, arborvitae, spirea, and verbena are all plants that make wonderful companions for potentilla.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 09-14-2023