Watering Potentilla

In keeping with their easy-care tendencies, Potentilla plants are easy to water, but it is still important to understand when and how much water these perennials need. Underwatered Potentilla may show signs of distress, so learning to spot signs of dehydration is essential. Overwatering can be equally damaging for Potentilla. Learning how to maintain an appropriate watering schedule will help the plant thrive for many growing seasons to come.


How To Tell If Potentilla Needs Watered

Plants will tell you when they need water. Leaves will wilt or appear wrinkled and droopy. Foliage may also lose its green color and turn yellow and brown if the plant is underwatered. Flowers and leaves may fall from the stems if the plant is not adequately watered.  The soil will be dry to the touch and possibly will even be cracked and dusty. It is best to water Potentilla plants immediately if they show signs of underwatering.

How Often To Water Potentilla

Potentilla should be watered daily during the first growing season. Frequent water is necessary to establish a robust root system. Saturate the soil when watering so the ground is damp and the roots can absorb plenty of moisture. It is unnecessary to water the plant if it has rained recently, but it may be helpful to water a couple of times throughout the day during a drought or dry spell.

Potentilla can go without water for extended periods by the second growing season. A deep drink once or twice a week is usually enough to keep the plant happy and healthy. While Potentilla is drought tolerant, keep watering during a drought to support continued growth.

It is possible to overwater Potentilla plants. You can tell if a plant is overwatered if the tips of the leaves turn yellow or if the soil is wet. Feeling the ground is a good guide to determining when plants need water. Potentilla plants need water when the top few inches of soil feel dry.

Potted Potentilla will need water more often because container-grown plants dry out more quickly. Checking the soil moisture is still the best way to determine when to water potted plants. Potentilla grown in containers will need water daily or possibly every couple of days depending on the amount of sunlight the plants receive and other factors, like rainfall.


Best Time To Water Potentilla

A plant should be watered whenever it shows signs of distress, so if you notice the leaves of your Potentilla drooping or wilting, give the plant a drink. Dehydration can be stressful for the plant and may limit growth, so it is best to water before it shows signs of drying out. Mornings are a good time to water plants, especially in areas with warm summer weather. Sunlight and high temperatures dry plants out, which is beneficial to the plant, so watering before the afternoon heat hits enables the plants to handle the conditions better.

How to Water Potentilla

Step 1 - Inspect the plant for signs of water stress and feel the soil.

Inspect the plants for wilting leaves or other indications of dehydration. Feel the soil, and water if the top several inches are dry to the touch. 

Step 2 - Saturate the soil above the root ball.

Drench the ground around the plant to get the roots wet.

Step 3 - Allow water to drain.

Water potted plants until excess water drains through the container.

Step 4 - Check the plant on a regular schedule.

Look at the plant daily or at least every few days to see if it needs water.

Potentilla Watering Tips

  • Look at the leaves and soil for indications of water stress or feel the ground to gauge the dampness.
  • When it is time to water, deeply saturate the ground to ensure the roots are wet.
  • Avoid overwatering, and do not give the plant a drink if the soil is damp.


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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 07-12-2022