Spider Plant Sunlight Requirements

Proper sunlight is necessary for spider plants to thrive and produce pups or offsets. Plants growing outdoors need partial shade, while houseplants need bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the delicate foliage, while not enough sunlight will stunt growth or cause the leaves to have a faded or muted appearance.


Best Rooms To Grow Spider Plant

An east- or west-facing window typically has the best light to support a spider plant. Hang a spider plant or place one on a table directly in front of an east or west window. East-facing windows receive morning sun and afternoon shade, which is likely the best choice for a plant acclimated to living indoors. If you prefer to place your plant in a bright south-facing window, use sheer curtains to diffuse the light or move the spider plant several feet back from the window to protect the foliage from direct light. 

Routinely inspect the plant to look for signs of improper light exposure and adjust the location as needed. Dead spots can indicate damage from direct sunlight, while faded colors indicate the plant has not received enough sunlight. Rotate the plant every couple of weeks so each side receives sunlight and the foliage grows evenly.

Providing Supplemental Sunlight To Spider Plant

Window treatments can block sunlight, which can be beneficial in some situations. Sheer curtains can diffuse direct light, while thick curtains or blinds can completely block outside light. Be mindful of the window treatments and how they impact a plant. Mirrors can help move sunlight around a room and boost the brightness in a naturally dim spot, so a spider plant can thrive.

Grow lights are an excellent way to make any spot suitable for a spider plant. Feature a spider plant in an area with low or medium light and use a grow light to provide supplemental support.

Sunlight Needed For Growing Spider Plant Outdoors

Spider plants are often found as houseplants, but they can grow outdoors year round in zones 9 through 11. Many plant owners choose to move their plants to a protected porch or outdoor living area during the summer. Spider plants grown outdoors prefer partial shade, which works out to 3 to 4 hours of sunlight per day. Slowly acclimate a spider plant to outdoor life to prevent sunscald.

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