Watering Spider Plant

Spider plants need water when the top few inches of potting mix are dry. These plants store water in their thick, tuber-like roots, known as rhizomes. To keep a spider plant healthy, allow the plant to deplete its reserve before providing more  water.

Spider plants that require frequent water may be rootbound. When the root ball is too big for the pot, there is little soil to retain moisture, and the plant will need water more often. 


How To Tell If Spider Plant Needs Water

Feeling the soil and lifting the container to gauge the weight are the most effective ways to determine when to water a spider plant. The leaves will wilt, sag, or start to brown when the spider plant needs water. Give the plant water right away if it shows signs of being too dry. Yellow leaf tips can occur when the plant is overwatered, so wait until the top several inches of potting mix are dry before watering.

Water the plant every 7 to 10 days during the spring and summer. Plants growing in direct sunlight or low humidity need water more often than plants in lower light or increased humidity. Spider plants need to rest over the winter and have reduced water needs; they will need water every 12 to 18 days. 

How To Water Spider Plant

Spider plants prefer water free from chlorine and salts, which can damage the foliage. Water with a high mineral content can cause brown leaf tips. If possible, use distilled or bottled water or fill a container with tap water and let it sit out overnight so the chlorine can dissipate.

Deeply water your spider plant during each watering session. Spider plants absorb and store water in their roots, so getting the whole root system wet will maximize absorption. Remove standing water from the saucer or cover pot so the soil can fully drain and dry out.

Spider Plant Watering Tips

  • Feel the potting mix and wait until the top few inches are dry.
  • Drench the potting mix, completely saturating the root system.
  • Empty the saucer or cover pot of water, or water the plant over a sink or tub so excess water can drain.
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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 12-15-2023