Watering Anthurium

Anthuriums are native to Central and South American rainforests. They prefer warm and humid climates with regular rainfall. The rainforest will also experience a dry period seasonally and the plants are accustomed to a drier period. You can replicate their native environment by providing high humidity and regular water, but let it have a dry period between watering. 


How To Tell If Anthurium Needs Water

All plants give off signs or signals when they are in need of water. Anthurium is no different. Anthuriums are fairly easy houseplants to care for, but you must be attentive to its watering needs. Anthuriums have moderate to low water needs and need water about once a week. They prefer higher humidity at about 50% humidity and benefit from regular spritzing or the addition of a humidifier. 

It is important not to underwater your Anthurium. When an Anthurium is in need of water, the soil will be dry and light colored. You can test the soil for dryness by sticking your finger into the top inch. If the soil is completely dry, the plant wants to be watered, if there is moisture on your finger, the plant can wait to be watered another day. If an Anthurium is overly dry, the pot and plant will not be as heavy as it should be. Other signs of dryness are drooping, puckering, or brittle foliage. 

On the other hand of underwatering, you do not want to overwater your Anthurium. Overwatering can lead to root rot or other fungal issues and is detrimental to the health of the plant. Signs that you have overwatered your Anthurium include waterlogged soil, limp and soggy foliage, browning tips, and signs of fungus gnats or fungal issues such as blackened and mushy roots. It is also a good idea to reduce watering during the winter dormancy months. 


How To Water Anthurium

In general, houseplants like Anthurium prefer to be watered with room temperature water that has had a chance to off-gas, or release the chemicals the tap water contains. You can off-gas your tap water by letting the water sit in your watering can for several hours or even days. Alternatively, you can water your houseplant with mineral water. 

A good watering method for your Anthurium is bottom watering. You can bottom water by placing the container with drainage holes in a tray or sink of water that is filled about an inch deep for at least 20 minutes. The soil will wick up the water and saturate the root ball. This method is a good way to avoid overwatering and nutrient runoff. You can also water your Anthurium with a watering can, watering at the base of the soil, allowing the water to flow until it comes out the bottom drainage hole. 

Anthurium Watering Tips

  • Anthurium, prefer 50% humidity and benefit from humidifiers
  • Signs of underwatering include dry soil, wilted or dry foliage
  • Signs of overwatering include limp and soggy foliage, black mushy roots, waterlogged soil 
  • Water when soil and roots are dry 
  • Bottom watering is a good watering method for Anthurium
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Author Katie Endicott - Published 11-28-2023