Watering Asters

Asters are drought tolerant once established and can suffer in wet or soggy soils. Overly wet areas can cause the roots to rot and kill the plant. However, in their first year and during periods of drought, they should be watered well at least once a week. They have a shallow root system, and a light application of mulch or compost would help to maintain moisture during dry periods.


How To Tell If Asters Needs Water

Asters show signs of needing water by exhibiting dry or yellow leaves, starting from the bottom of the stem upwards. Drooping leaves or flower heads are also a sign of lack of water.

How Often To Water Asters

Water newly planted asters at least once a week until well established and more frequently in dry weather. They are drought tolerant once established. Asters do not like boggy soil and may rot if sitting in standing water.

Asters growing in pots or containers in full sun would need to be watered more frequently, at least every other day depending on the pot size and weather conditions. Feel the soil and water when the top two inches are dry to the touch.

Best Time To Water Asters

Asters are best watered in the morning so that any moisture on the foliage will be dried off by the sun. They should be watered at the base; avoid getting the foliage wet as this may promote mildew.


How to Water Asters

Step 1 - Water in the morning

Step 2 - Water at the base of the plant

Step 3 - Avoid getting the foliage wet

Step 4 - Water more frequently in dry weather

Aster Watering Tips

  • Water at least once a week
  • Water well in dry weather
  • Water asters in pots at least every other day

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