Watering Barberry

Watering is an important part of caring for Barberry bushes. Keeping the plant properly hydrated helps the Barberry set a strong and robust root system to allow it to soak up water. Learning to spot the signs of a dry plant or a well-watered plant makes it easy to understand what the plant needs and how to care for the Barberry shrub properly.


How To Tell If Barberry Needs Watered

The ground around the plant may appear dry and cracked when the shrub needs water. Barberry plants will show distress when they are too dry or damp. The leaves will droop or curl and appear wilted when the plant is dry. The leaves will turn brown and fall off in extreme instances of dryness. The leaves of plants that receive too much water will turn yellow at the tips before dying and falling off.

How Often To Water Barberry

Maintain evenly moist soil at all times during the first growing season. Newly planted Barberry plants need routine waterings. Generally, watering once a week will keep the soil damp and the plant growing.

Mature Barberry plants that have fully acclimated are drought tolerant. Established plants can be sustained by rainfall and do not typically need to be watered. While this bush can handle a dry spell, water during an extended dry period encourages growth and helps the plant pull through a drought. Barberry plants do not like overly damp or soggy conditions and are susceptible to root rot, so only water when the plant needs a drink.

Potted Barberry bushes need water more often because container-grown plants dry out quickly. Water potted Barberry when the top few inches of soil are dry.


Best Time To Water Barberry

Water Barberry shrubs from spring until fall, when the plant is actively growing. Most Barberry varieties are deciduous and go dormant during the winter, so do not water during the winter. Even evergreen varieties will only need watering if your area does not receive winter precipitation. Water Barberry plants in the spring and summer when the top few inches of soil are dry or the plant shows signs of distress. Try to water Barberry during the morning, so the plant can absorb the moisture before the afternoon sun kicks in.


How to Water Barberry

Step 1 - Look at the plant for signs of water distress and feel the soil.

Look for curled or wilted foliage or dry, cracked soil.

Step 2 - Saturate the ground around the plant.

Drench the soil so the water will soak into the ground and get the roots wet.

Step 3 - Continue to monitor the plant for signs of water distress.

Keep an eye on the plant, especially during a dry period, and water when the plant shows signs of dehydration.

Barberry Watering Tips

  • Feel the soil and look for signs of the plant being too dry
  • Water the soil around the Barberry plant when necessary
  • Monitor the plant during a drought and water when the soil is dry

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