Watering Blue Holly

Blue Hollies, with their blue-green leaves and bright red berries, are a favorite shrub in many landscapes. This article will inform you about all the watering needs of Blue Hollies and how to get them to thrive in your garden. 


How To Tell If Blue Holly Needs Watered

A Blue Holly shrub that needs more water will begin to turn crisp and brown. At this point, you may begin to see leaves dropping. Cracked soil is another indication that your Blue Holly may be too dry. Check that the water is getting down to the roots with a water meter. You can help retain soil moisture with a 2 inch layer of bark mulch surrounding the plant. 

How Often To Water Blue Holly

When newly planted, Blue Holly should be watered daily to keep it moist. After the first few weeks in the ground, your Blue Holly shrub will need a good deep drink of water about once a week for approximately three months until its roots get established in the soil. As a rule of thumb your Blue Holly should receive about two inches of water per week. 

It usually takes 3 or 4 months before the plant will establish its roots. At this point you can water a bit less, making sure your Blue Holly still gets an average of about 2 inches of water per week, including natural rainfall. After about two years in the ground, supplemental watering will only be necessary during periods of drought. 

If you see sickly, yellow leaves on your Blue Holly, it may be a sign that the plant is overwatered. Double check that the soil has proper drainage and doesn’t stay wet for too long. Amend the soil with humus, perlite, or other organic materials as necessary to maintain adequate soil drainage. If you grow Blue Holly in a pot, ensure that the soil stays consistently moist up until the first frost of winter. 


Best Time To Water Blue Holly

The best time of day to water Blue Holly is in the morning while it’s still cool out. This will allow the foliage to dry out during the day to prevent fungal issues that could arise from standing water on the leaves. Watering while it is still cool outside will also give the plant time to absorb the moisture before the heat of the day sets in. Keep your Blue Holly moist until the first frost. 

Blue holly doesn’t need much winter care. However, before the first freeze, give your Blue Holly a thorough watering. Watering your Blue Holly shrub in preparation for winter is necessary to prevent brown needle tips. Younger Blue Holly plants will need slightly more moisture and protection through winter.

How To Water Blue Holly

Step 1 - Prepare materials

Identify faucet, hose, and hand wand (if watering by hand). 

Step 2 - Turn on water

Avoid splashing foliage to cut down chances of pests and disease.

Step 3 - Water at the base

Ideally, Blue Holly would be watered by a dripline at the base of the plant.

Blue Holly Watering Tips

  • Blue Holly should receive about 2 inches of water per week on average 
  • Water in the cool morning hours for best results 
  • Water once per week until winter
  • Water well prior to winter

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Author Chris Link - Published 2-06-2023