Watering Hollyhocks

Towering stalks loaded with flowers are the hallmark of Alcea, also known as Hollyhocks. This perennial puts on a lovely display when the flowers bloom in the spring and summer. Hollyhock plants typically live for a few growing seasons, but this plant self-seeds, so there are always different generations of plants growing side by side. Watering is an important part of Hollyhock care, especially for young plants. Proper watering will ensure your Hollyhocks grow and thrive.


How To Tell If Hollyhocks Need Watered

Plants indicate when they need water with visible changes. The leaves may curl or wilt, and the stalk may bend or droop when the plant is dry. The leaves of dry plants may turn brown and fall off. Another way to tell when Hollyhocks need water is to inspect the soil. Cracked soil is a sign that the conditions are too dry.


How Often To Water Hollyhocks

Hollyhock seedlings prefer damp conditions. Water new plants when the top inch of the soil starts to dry out. Regular water helps new plants settle in and grow strong, sturdy stalks.

Established Hollyhocks are not very thirsty; rainfall is usually enough to sustain them. Water Hollyhocks during a drought or dry period or if you live in a naturally dry climate. 

Overwatering Hollyhocks can be a problem. Too much water can cause root rot or fungal growth on the foliage, especially when the plants are close together. Yellowing starting at the tips of the foliage is a sign of overwatering.

Potted Hollyhocks will require frequent watering. The soil in containers dries out more quickly, especially if the container has fast drainage. A hole that allows excess water to drain is necessary because it prevents root rot, but the plant will need water when the top few inches of soil are dry.

Best Time To Water Hollyhocks

Water newly planted Hollyhock in the morning. Hollyhocks thrive in bright light, so giving the plants a drink first thing in the morning will give them time to absorb the water before the hot afternoon sun shines. Water Hollyhocks at any time if the plant shows signs of distress and dehydration.

How to Water Hollyhocks

Step 1 - Feel the soil and look for signs of water stress.

Young plants need water when the top inch of soil is barely damp. Plants with drooping stalks or foliage are too dry and need water.

Step 2 - Drench the ground around the plant.

Pour water on the ground above the root ball and keep the foliage as dry as possible.

Step 3 - Let water drain.

Container-grown plants should be watered until excess water drains through the pot.

Step 4 - Check the plant.

Routinely look for dehydration or water stress signs, especially during a dry period.

Hollyhock Watering Tips

  • Inspect the foliage and soil to determine if the plant is dry.
  • Saturate the ground around the plant during watering to ensure the roots are wet.
  • Water the ground and keep the plant dry to reduce the chance of developing fungus or mold.
  • Do not water if the soil is wet.


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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 08-11-2022