Watering Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom grows well in many soil types and becomes quite drought tolerant once the plant is mature. It thrives in full sun locations, in lean, low-fertility soils as long as the soil is well draining. Scotch Broom doesn’t care for sitting in water, so be sure to plant it in fast-draining soil to avoid any chance of root rot. Water newly planted Scotch Broom more consistently the first year to help establish its root system. As it matures, it will become more drought tolerant, making it a wonderful, low-maintenance selection for water-wise landscaping. 


How To Tell If Scotch Broom Needs Watered

Check the soil to determine if Scotch Broom needs water. When the first few inches of the soil feel dry, or if you notice cracked soil during extensive periods of drought, it's time to water. Scotch Broom holds up well to drought conditions once the plant is established and mature, and often does not show visual signs of being thirsty. Therefore, use the soil as your guide, particularly in the first year after it's planted. If the soil is dry or cracked, water deeply and thoroughly, making sure water penetrates the soil and reaches the root system.

How Often To Water Scotch Broom

For newly planted Scotch Broom, water the root system approximately 1-2 times per week for the first growing season. You may need to water more frequently if the weather is particularly dry and hot without rainfall. 

After a couple of growing seasons, Scotch Broom will develop drought tolerance and can be watered about once a week. Keep in mind that factors such as wind, intense heat, and soil moisture retention can affect the frequency of watering. It's best to check the top layer of soil for moisture before watering; if it feels dry, thoroughly soak your plant, making sure water penetrates down into the root system.  

If you have well-draining soil, you are unlikely to overwater Scotch Broom. It adapts easily to different soil types and moisture levels. Consider adding a layer of mulch around the root zone to help retain moisture, which is beneficial during dry spells. 


Best Time To Water Scotch Broom

Water Scotch Broom in the morning during the growing season, particularly during the hottest days of summer. This will ensure the water penetrates the soil and doesn’t evaporate, particularly if Scotch Broom is planted in open, windy locations. Water immediately if you notice cracked soil around Scotch Broom during an extended drought period. Before the first frost of winter, water the root system deeply, and then apply a light layer of organic mulch to the root base to protect it from harsh temperatures and wind exposure. 

How To Water Scotch Broom

Step 1 - Ensure the soil drains well. This will allow water to reach the root system while preventing soggy soil, which can lead to root rot. 

Step 2 - In the first year, water Scotch Broom more frequently during summer, approximately 1-2 times per week or when the soil is dry. Water thoroughly and deeply, making sure the water penetrates the soil and reaches the root system. 

Step 3 - Once Scotch Broom is established, water less frequently but deeply. Determine how dry the soil is by checking the top few inches of the soil with your finger; if it feels dry or the soil is cracked, water immediately. 

Step 4 - Pay attention to the soil moisture levels to determine if Scotch Broom needs watering, particularly in extreme summer heat, extended periods of drought, or in very windy locations. 

Scotch Broom Watering Tips

  • Water thoroughly
  • Once mature, water less frequently
  • Water during extended periods of drought 
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Author Chris Link - Published 01-26-2023