Watering Snake Plant

Snake Plants are native to dry, rocky areas in tropical West Africa. Snake Plants are drought tolerant and prefer well-drained soil but also tolerate moisture and humidity. You can replicate these conditions in your home with the frequency of your watering and the placement of your Snake Plant. Snake Plants prefer average humidity of 30 - 50%, which is the level in typical home environments. 


How To Tell If Snake Plant Needs Water

Snake Plants are drought tolerant but they do need water and can be under-watered. If your Snake Plant is under-watered, it will show signs of dehydration that should trigger some action. Wilted and wrinkling foliage that begins to droop is a sign that the plant is not receiving enough water. Foliage fading, yellowing, browning, and especially turning crispy are all signs that your Snake Plant needs water. Hard, compact soil that is light in color and dry underneath the surface is another sign of plant dehydration. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Snake Plants do not like to be overwatered. Overwatering is often more detrimental to the plant’s health than underwatering. Snake Plants are susceptible to root rot from too much moisture or wet feet. The most common sign of over watering is drooping foliage. Not to be confused with under-watered, drooping foliage, overwatered, drooping foliage will be squishy or moist to the touch. Snake Plant foliage can also turn yellow when overwatered for a prolonged period of time. Another sign of overwatering is dark, soggy soil that may even have patches of white mold or fungus gnats. 


How To Water Snake Plant 

Snake Plants are sensitive to being overwatered, so it is important not to water too frequently. A good rule of thumb is to water your Snake Plant every other week in the active growing season and about once a month in the dormant winter months. Before watering your Snake Plant, check the condition of the plant and the soil moisture level by placing your finger about an inch into the soil. If you feel any moisture within the soil, wait to water until the soil is completely dry to the touch. 

The best type of water for your Snake Plant is room-temperature, filtered water. If you do not have filtered water, you can fill your watering can and let it sit out overnight or for a few days so that some of the chemicals in the tap water will evaporate. You can water your Snake Plant with a watering can at the base of the plant or you can place the pot in a few inches of water for about 15-20 minutes and let the root system absorb the water it needs from the drainage hole. 

Snake Plant Watering Tips

  • Snake Plants are sensitive to overwatering–do not water too frequently
  • Insert your finger into the soil to make sure the soil is dry before watering
  • Water with room-temperature filtered water
  • Water about once every other week during the growing season
  • Water about once a month in the dormant season
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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 5-22-2023