Windflowers Aren't Blooming

Windflowers, also known as anemones, are a diverse group of flowering perennials that belong to the family Ranunculaceae. While the blooms can be nearly any color, the main distinction between varieties is blooming period. There are spring-blooming and fall-blooming varieties, but both bloom readily with little care. 


Common Reasons Why Windflower Isn’t Blooming

The most common reason windflowers do not bloom is crowded roots. The roots, which can be rhizomes or corms, will continuously produce new shoots or nodes. In good conditions, the root systems can become quite crowded after 2-3 years. Usually digging up and dividing the clumps will rejuvenate windflowers and boost flowering the following year. 


Pruning Windflower To Help It Bloom

The practice of removing spent blooms (deadheading) can in some cases allow windflowers to produce more blooms. By removing flowers prior to seed formation, the resources that would have gone into seed production may be reallocated to creating additional blooms.

Other than deadheading, no pruning should be done on windflowers until the foliage naturally dies back. After flowering, windflowers will continue to produce and store resources for the next flowering season. If you prune before the foliage dies back naturally, you may limit the resources available for next year’s flowers.

Fertilizing Windflower To Help It Bloom

Windflowers generally do not require fertilizer, so a failure to bloom is typically not caused by a lack of fertilizer. However, a yearly application of bone meal blended into the soil (approximately 1 teaspoon per plant), may provide support for good flowering.

Get Windflower To Produce More Blooms

In addition to deadheading and fertilizing, making sure windflowers have optimal growing conditions is important. Windflowers must receive a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight each day and have consistently moist, well-draining soil (but not too wet because then root rot issues will appear). Providing adequate sunlight and water will allow your windflowers to thrive and produce the maximum amount of flowers. 


Why Windflower Isn’t Blooming

  • Crowded roots
  • Not enough sunlight
  • Not consistent soil moisture (either too little or too much)
  • Improper pruning
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Author Chris Link - Published 07-21-2022