Abelia Not Blooming

Abelia (Abelia x grandiflora) also known as glossy Abelia, is a popular ornamental shrub that is tough and adaptable yet also loved for its beautifully fragrant, tubular flowers. Abelias produce flowers from spring until fall providing a beautifully long flowering period. Their fragrant flowers attract all sorts of pollinators, especially honeybees. Abelia is a very low-maintenance plant and typically flowers readily without much tedious care. Some factors may cause your Abelia to not bloom such as over pruning, poor drainage, or over fertilization. 


Common Reasons Why Abelia Isn’t Blooming 

There are a few common reasons why your Abelia may not be blooming or not blooming to the extent you would like. Abelia is a slow grower and therefore pruning heavily can reduce flowering. Pruning your Abelia during its growing season will also reduce flowering since buds are produced on new growth. Over fertilizing heavily with nitrogen will also reduce flowering on your Abelia. Do not expect flowering to continue in the winter even in climates where Abelias are evergreen. Early spring or late fall frosts will also deter flowering. For Abelias in containers, pots that are too small for the roots of your Abelia could also reduce flowering. 

Pruning Abelia To Help It Bloom 

If done at the correct time, and at the correct amount, pruning your Abelia can encourage blooming. Abelia flower buds develop on new wood so pruning while the plant is dormant will encourage new growth. Pruning during the growing season will cut off new buds. If you have spent flowers on your Abelia, deadhead them off to encourage new growth and new blooms. 

Fertilizing Abelia To Help It Bloom 

Abelia are light feeders and do not require fertilizing for flowers. Fertilize your Abelia no more than once or twice a year and choose a balanced formula. Fertilizer too high in nitrogen will encourage foliage growth and inhibit flower buds. 

Get Abelia to Produce More Blooms 

If your Abelia does not have enough blooms, you can encourage new flowers with appropriate pruning and deadheading. Abelia will flower from June until Fall. To encourage a long, abundant flowering season, deadhead any spent flowers. This will encourage new growth, new buds, and new flowers. Prune off old wood or winter damaged branches while your plant is dormant in winter to encourage new growth and new flowers. 


Why Abelia Isn’t Blooming

  • Over pruning – Abelia flowers on new growth, do not cut off new wood with flower buds.
  • Poorly drained soil – Make sure you have planted your Abelia in a location with good drainage to encourage flowering. 
  • Incorrect Fertilizer – Too much Nitrogen will inhibit flowers. 
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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 1-15-2022