Watering Abelia

Abelia is a tough and resilient flowering shrub that is easy-to-grow. Abelia tolerate drought-like conditions but thrive with regular watering.


How to Tell If Abelia Needs Watered

Abelia are very drought tolerant plants but if the leaves of your Abelia are wilting, drooping, or falling off then the plant is likely in need of water. Check the soil to see if it is cracking and dry beneath the surface. If the soil is moist directly below the surface, check back in a day or two for water levels. If the soil is dry below the soil surface, the plant is more than likely thirsty.

How Often To Water Abelia

When newly planted, water your Abelia regularly until established, focusing on soaking watering's directly after planting. Maintain a close eye on the water conditions of your Abelia for its first growing season.

Once established or more mature, Abelia can tolerate drought-like conditions. While they can withstand drought-like conditions, Abelias thrive with regular watering. Take care not to overwater your Abelia. If the soil where your Abelia is planted is soggy or moist, do not water until it dries out. 

Water your Abelia when conditions are dry once or maximum, twice a week. Once well established, your abelia can withstand drier conditions with less frequent watering. 

Best Time to Water Abelia 

If your Abelia plant needs watering, the best time of day to water is in the morning or evening from spring to fall. Watering in the morning or evening outside of the peak sun hours of the day allows for best root absorption versus sun evaporation. Abelias require much less water in the winter. 

How to Water Abelia

Step 1 – Observe your Abelia and assess its water needs. 

First look at the overall health of the plant’s foliage, looking for signs of wilt or discoloration pointing towards needing water. Dig your finger about an inch or two into the soil to see how dry the soil is below. If moisture is detected, wait to water until the soil is completely dry. 

Step 2 - Apply water to the base of the plant.

Using a watering can or hose, water around the base of the plant keeping the rest of the plant dry. Water thoroughly so that moisture can penetrate the soil to the root zone without allowing water to pool around the plant.

Step 3 - Check back after watering.

After watering, check back with your plant to make sure you didn’t over or underwater. If the soil has dried out completely it's time for another watering!


Abelia Watering Tips

  • Newly planted Abelia will have higher water needs than mature plants
  • Abelia are drought tolerant 
  • Wilted or drooping foliage is a sign that your plant needs water
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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 1-15-2022