Growing Abelia in Pots

The smaller varieties of Abelias make great container plants. They can perform well in containers and their diversity of foliage textures and colors make them great additions to any container scape. You can place your container of Abelia anywhere that receives full sun to part shade. While Abelia makes a great container plant in a large pot, it would not be suitable for hanging baskets or elevated planters due to its size. 


Planting Abelia in Pots

The best time to establish an Abelia in a pot is in early spring. Choose a full sun location, or part shade that is protected from the wind. Choose a planter that is slightly wider and taller than the nursery pot of Abelia you want to transplant. Make sure to choose a planter that has a drainage hole. You can choose any material for your pot as long as there are drainage holes. 

Best Soil for Abelia in Pots

When planting your Abelia into a container, it is important to give your plant quality potting soil from the start. Choose a balanced potting soil mix with good drainage, or add perlite or vermiculite to your mix. Starting at the bottom of the pot, add some gravel, small pieces of broken terracotta pots, or small stones over the drainage hole to increase the drainage for the life of the pot. Once your Abelia is planted, mulch can be added to the top of the pot. 

Caring For Abelia in Planters

It is important to keep a close eye on your container Abelia as they are establishing and growing on. Make sure your Abelia likes the exposure of the location you’ve chosen. Container plants can dry out easily since they have such ample drainage. As the plant gets larger, it will need more water. 

Watering Abelia in Pots

Container plants often have higher water needs than in ground gardens. Drainage is key for containers so that roots aren’t sitting in water but this often makes soil dry out much more quickly than in the ground. You want to keep a close eye on your containers in the heat of the summer, checking daily for soil moisture level. You want your soil to be damp but not soggy. When dry, water your Abelia containers thoroughly and check back regularly. 

Fertilizing Abelia in Pots

After your Abelia is established in its container, you want to fertilize your plant regularly at most every other week. Regular watering in containers can leach nutrition from the soil so regular feedings are important to replenish any nutrient loss. 

Winter Care For Abelia in Pots

Abelias are hardy to many zones and should withstand a winter in a container within its zone range. It could be a good idea to pull your container to a more sheltered location to prevent weathering and cracking of the container, especially if you are in a colder range of Abelia’s zone tolerance. 

Growing Abelia Indoors 

It is not recommended to grow Abelia indoors. 

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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 1-15-2022