Amsonia Pests

The North American native Amsonia and all of its varieties could possibly be the easiest and most maintenance-free herbaceous perennial in your garden. This plant is not fussy about soil pH or texture. Sandy, loamy, or heavier clay soils all allow Amsonia to thrive. Wet soils are also not an issue as long as the drainage is good and periods of standing water are short.

Pests that attack Amsonia are almost nonexistent. Sap-sucking insects such as aphids or sharpshooters rarely infest these healthy and long-lived plants. Slugs, snails, and rabbits avoid the latex-filled leaves in favor of other much more delectable plants. Deer walk right on by Amsonia on their daily browsing trips. The ability to resist any type of pest outbreak may be one reason that Amsonia hubrichtii was named Perennial Plant of the Year for 2011. Adding one or more of these trustworthy and fuss-free perennials to your garden plans will not be regretted.


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 Author Robbin Small - Published 6-07-2023