Arrowhead Plant Sunlight Requirements

Plants need sunlight not just to survive but to thrive. Proper sunlight enables the plant to conduct photosynthesis, which is how plants support themselves. Arrowhead Plants are tropical and naturally grow under the tree canopy, where they receive filtered sunlight. Position your houseplant in a spot that receives about 8 hours of bright indirect light without direct sun. 

Direct light is too intense and can burn the leaves. Arrowhead Plants can handle medium sunlight but will become leggy and grow slowly. Proper lighting is essential for variegated varieties with white or pink shades along the veins. Variegated plants may lose their color and revert to green if grown in anything less than bright indirect sunlight. Bright indirect sunlight is perfect for Arrowhead Plants.


Best Rooms To Grow Arrowhead Plant

Place your Arrowhead Plant a few feet away from a south-facing window, or hang sheer curtains to diffuse the direct sunlight. East- or west-facing windows are also sunny spots that offer bright light early or late in the day, respectively. Arrowhead Plants can be placed directly in an east- or west-facing window since the light is less intense.

Periodically rotate the plant so each side receives even sunlight. Plants that receive uneven light may bend or reach toward the sunlight. Turning keeps the plant full and consistently growing in all directions. Monitor a plant after bringing it home and look for signs of sunburn or slowed growth. Move the Arrowhead Plant to a new spot if it is not thriving due to insufficient sunlight. 

Providing Supplemental Sunlight To Arrowhead Plant

Finding the right spot for houseplants can be tricky, especially as the seasons change and the amount of available light changes. Grow lights are a great option to provide your Arrowhead Plant with the light it needs, especially if there isn’t a spot that is a good fit in your home. Utilizing a grow light will ensure the plant receives the right amount of bright light, and you can rest easy knowing the foliage will not burn. 

Sunlight Needed For Growing Arrowhead Plant Outdoors

Arrowhead Plants can grow outdoors in zones 10 through 12, but in other areas, potted houseplants can be moved to an outdoor space during the summer. Arrowhead Plants grown outdoors need shade and should be protected from direct sunlight. Place the potted plant on a covered porch or outdoor area where it will receive indirect sunlight but not direct light. Acclimate it slowly to its new conditions.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 06-21-2023