Propagating Arrowhead Plant

Propagating is an easy way to expand a plant collection, and Arrowhead Plants can easily be propagated by rooting cuttings. Propagating Arrowhead Plants requires a beginner skill level, a mother plant, pruning shears, a vessel to root the cutting and time. It typically takes a few weeks from taking the cutting to planting a rooted Arrowhead Plant.


Methods To Propagate Arrowhead Plant

Stem cuttings are the best propagation method for Arrowhead Plants. Trim a stem section that measures at least several inches long. The stem cutting must have one or two leaves, and nodes, or growth points. The nodes appear as small bumps on the stem, where the roots will emerge. Place the cut end in the rooting media so the nodes are covered. Roots will grow from the growth nodes in a few weeks, and you’ll have a brand-new Arrowhead Plant.

Best Rooting Media To Propagate Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plants can be propagated in soil or water. Use moist, lightweight potting soil that promotes drainage when propagating in soil. Water the cutting often to keep the soil damp, but never soggy. Stem cuttings need constant moisture to set roots.

Arrowhead Plant cuttings propagated in water require less attention since the cut end and nodes are submerged in water. Give the cutting fresh water once per week.

Steps To Propagate Arrowhead Plant

Step 1 - Cut a stem section just below a growth node. Make sure it has 1-2 leaves.

Step 2 - Dip the cut end and growth nodes in rooting hormone and place in a lightweight, well-drained potting mix or water.

Step 3 - Place the Arrowhead Plant cutting in bright, indirect sunlight.

Step 4 - Wait several weeks, and roots will grow.

Step 5 - Water-propagated Arrowhead Plant cuttings can be transplanted into potting mix when the roots are at least one inch long.

Caring For Arrowhead Plant Cuttings

Cuttings require bright indirect sunlight and average to above-average humidity to set roots. Arrowhead Plants are tropical and like warm temperatures, but most homes are warm enough, so the cutting will be fine as long as it is inside. 

Soil-propagated cuttings require consistently moist soil, but do not let the soil become soggy. Give water-propagated cuttings fresh water each week to reduce algae growth.

Transplanting Arrowhead Plant Cuttings

Arrowhead Plants propagated in soil can stay in the same container and potting mix until they outgrow the container. Rooted cuttings need water when the top few inches of the soil are dry.

Water-propagated Arrowhead Plants can be moved to a container and potting mix when the roots are at least one inch long. Plant them in moist but well-drained soil in a container with drainage. The new plant will require about the same level of care as an established plant.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 06-22-2023