Top 9 Space Saving Hedges

Top 9 Space Saving Hedges

Jan 04, 2020

These plants naturally grow with a super straight and narrow habit - known as "fastigiate" - that makes them perfect for using as a hedge where you can't afford to give up a lot of ground space. These all make stunning specimen plantings as well!

Fine Line Buckthorn


-Narrow foliage provides an exotic texture

-Space saving, no pruning required

Laced Up Elderberry

-A column of fancy black foliage gives a stunning effect in the landscape

-No pruning required

-Deer resistant

North Pole Arborvitae

-Narrow and space saving, yet fast growing

-Fragrant evergreen foliage

-Native to North America

White Pillar Rose of Sharon and Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon

-Naturally grow as a narrow, flower-covered pillars

-Long blooming

-Two color options

Sky Pencil Holly

-Low maintenance, pruning not necessary

-Tall evergreen shrub

-Great in containers

Orange Rocket Barberry

-Bright coral-orange colored foliage in spring

-Red foliage in the fall

-Drought tolerant

Spartan Juniper

-Fast-growing evergreen

-Low maintenance

-Wind, heat, cold, and drought tolerant

Patti O Box Japanese Holly

-Perfect for formal entryways or patios

-Deer resistant

-Salt tolerant and shade tolerant

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