Monstera Sunlight Requirements

When you think about what a houseplant needs to survive and thrive, proper sunlight is at the top of the list. It is important to provide your Monstera with the correct amount and type of sunlight. The duration and intensity of sunlight will affect the growth and overall health of the plant. When considering sunlight exposure, it is important to think about the native origins of the plant to best replicate the native habitat and environment. 

Monsteras are native to tropical forest floors and therefore are adapted to light filtered by the tree canopy above. Monsteras can get downright enormous in the wild, so mimicking their natural habitat is a great way to support large, beautiful leaves. As houseplants, Monstera thrive with bright indirect sunlight. They can survive in a variety of light conditions but will do best with bright indirect sunlight. Adequate sunlight will allow the plant to produce full and large foliage with fenestrations, while lower light will produce smaller, less abundant foliage.


Best Rooms To Grow Monstera

Since Monstera prefers bright indirect light, it is important to choose a location in your home with the best exposure to produce these conditions. Eastern- or southeastern-facing windows will likely be your best choice, allowing early morning sunlight to pour into your home. Once you’ve chosen the correct room, select a spot close to a window but not directly in front of or touching the window. This placement will protect your Monstera from possible drafts and frigid windows while also preventing sunburnt foliage. 

It can take some trial and error to find the best location for your Monstera. Once you have chosen a location, keep a close eye on your Monstera to monitor how it likes its placement. If your plant is lush and pushing out consistent new growth, chances are you have found a good home for your Monstera. If your Monstera looks dull or has stunted, small new growth, it may need more sunlight and should be moved to a sunnier location. 


Providing Supplemental Sunlight To Monstera

It is not always possible to move a houseplant to a sunnier location, and big beautiful Monstera plants might have limited location choices in your home. If your Monstera is displaying signs that it needs additional light such as slow growth or small unfenestrated foliage, supplemental lighting may be a good choice. Grow lights are specially designed to help plants grow. If your Monstera does not get enough light, place grow lights within twelve inches of your plant for 10 hours a day. Connect your grow light to a timer to automate the lighting. 

Sunlight Needed For Growing Monstera Outdoors

Many people move their potted plants outdoors during the spring and summer growing season. If your Monstera has moved outdoors, it is important to choose the right location to provide the correct lighting for your plant. Do not place your Monstera in direct full sun, as doing so will burn the foliage and dry up the soil. For best growing conditions, place your Monstera in a location with dappled sunlight or partial shade. 

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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 4-8-2023