Propagating Monstera

What’s better than one Monstera plant? Many Monstera plants! Monstera are easy and fun to propagate, making it easy to turn one plant into many! You don’t have to be an expert horticulturist to propagate Monstera–all you need is a mother plant and some time! 


Methods To Propagate Monstera

There are four traditional ways to propagate plants: seeds, stem/leaf/root cuttings, air layering, and division. The easiest way to propagate Monstera is via stem cuttings in the spring or summer. Take a cutting of a healthy leaf and node and place it in water. The roots will grow from the included node within a few weeks. Air layering is slightly more complicated: you wrap a section of the plant with a node to encourage aerial roots to grow while it’s still connected to the plant. Once large enough, Monstera can also be divided to be repotted into multiple pots. Seed propagation is more rare because most indoor Monstera do not bear the fruit needed to collect seeds. 

Best Rooting Media To Propagate Monstera

The easiest propagation medium to propagate Monstera cuttings in is clean water. Be sure to use a clean container, and regularly change out the water every week. Propagating in water allows you to watch the root growth. The next best option to root Monstera cuttings is a light soil mix that is kept slightly moist. Another good option is perlite, which provides oxygen, moisture, and support for the Monstera cuttings. Lightweight Expanded Clay can also be used as a propagation medium and has excellent drainage. Rooting hormone is not needed to propagate Monstera, but it can promote faster rooting with dense new growth. The rooting hormone can be applied to the node or added to the propagation water.

Steps To Propagate Monstera

Step 1 - Choose a good leaf and locate its node 

Step 2 - Cut about 1-2 inches below the node with a clean knife or scissors

Step 3 - Choose your rooting media 

Step 4 - Apply rooting hormone to node or add to propagation water (optional)

Step 5 - Keep propagation media moist or change propagation water when cloudy 

Step 6 - Keep cutting in a bright location with indirect light and allow 2 to 4 weeks for roots to develop 


Caring For Monstera Cuttings

Your rooting media will determine the level of care your cuttings will need. Propagation in water is the simplest. Once your cutting is placed in a clean vessel of water, place it in a location with indirect light not too close to a window. Change out the water when it becomes cloudy, replacing it with fresh, clean water and continue to do so until the cutting produces a healthy set of roots. Monitor the moisture level of your propagation media if using perlite, soil, or lightweight expanded clay. Keep the cutting moist but not overly saturated in a location with indirect bright light. 

Transplanting Monstera Cuttings

After about 2 to 4 weeks, your Monstera cuttings should develop healthy new roots. The cutting might even begin pushing out active new growth! When you see lots of roots and/or new leaf growth, your cutting is ready to be transplanted into its new home! Choose a container with drainage holes for your cutting that is about 2 to 4 inches taller and wider than its current container. Using a good quality potting soil mix gently transplant the cutting into its new container. Water thoroughly and regularly monitor moisture level to allow the plant to establish. 

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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 4-8-2023