Watering Monstera

Monstera are native to the lush tropical forests of Central America where there is regular rainfall and humid conditions. Being a tropical plant, Monstera as a houseplant requires the correct amount of water and humidity to thrive. You can replicate the conditions of a tropical rainforest for your Monstera plant with regular waterings and the addition of humidity to your environment.


How To Tell If Monstera Needs Water

Monstera, like any other plant, gives off signs and signals when it does not receive adequate water. Bone dry soil is the first sign that your Monstera plant is thirsty. Drooping and/or wilted foliage are the next signs of early dehydration. Foliage that is shriveled or that has developed brown leaf tips are further signs of more extensive dehydration. Very slow growth is another sign of consistent dehydration. On the other hand, overwatering is also damaging to your Monstera’s health. Signs of overwatering include overly moist soil and limp leaves. More extensive overwatering signs include yellowing or dropped leaves, mushy stems, and fungus on the soil. 

Monsteras are considered to have moderate water needs. They like regular waterings but do not want to be overly waterlogged. Monsteras also like humidity and benefit from the addition of a humidifier. Monstera will have slightly lower water needs in the winter when the plant's growth is much slower. If your Monstera is not showing any of the above more urgent signs of watering, place a finger into the soil at the base of the plant to determine the moisture level. If the soil is dry below the surface, your Monstera is likely needing to be watered. If the soil is still moist, wait until the soil dries more thoroughly to water. 


How To Water Monstera

The best type of water for your Monstera plant is room temperature, filtered water. If you do not have filtered water to use for your plant, you can fill your watering can with tap water and let it sit out for a few days so that the chlorine dissipates. You should aim to water your Monstera about once every 1 or 2 weeks. Water your Monstera when the soil feels dry. Water thoroughly so that the moisture reaches the root system. Adequate water is important to allow your Monstera to grow and thrive in its environment. 

Monstera Watering Tips

  • Monsteras are native to tropical forests and like moderate water
  • Water thoroughly when the top layer of soil is dry
  • Wilting, drooping, or dry, brown leaves are signs of underwatering
  • Yellowing, limp leaves, or fungus are signs of overwatering
  • Water 1 or 2 times a week approximately

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 Author Katie Endicott - Published 4-08-2023