Sauteed Hosta Shoot Recipe

Each spring as new hosta plants arrive and new shoots start to grow, you can cut out the hosta shoots and eat them. They taste delicious, similar to asparagus (although we think they're even better than asparagus). It only takes a few minutes to cook these for something fun and unique to try in the spring.

Harvest hostas in early spring when the shoots are just a few inches high and still curled. The mature leaves are edible, but they taste more bitter and tough. The young shoots are tender and typically the part used in hosta recipes. The flowers are also edible but are slightly bitter and are best mixed fresh in a salad.


Ingredients For Sautéing Hosta Shoots

  • Young hosta shoots
  • Butter or olive oil (use sparingly)
  • Dash of salt and pepper

Directions For Sautéing Hosta Shoots

Step 1 - Cut out young hosta shoots that are growing. We like to only cut out a few from each plant to help keep the plants healthy.

Step 2 - Wash the shoots thoroughly using cold water.

Step 3 - Get a frying pan and heat the pan on high heat. Add butter or olive oil to the pan.

Step 4 - Once the butter is melted, add the shoots, salt and pepper to the pan and fry until each side is golden brown.

Step 5 - Flip once or twice to help cook the shoots evenly. Be gentle as you flip the shoots to help prevent them from breaking apart into smaller chunks.


Bonus Tip: Feel free to experiment with other seasonings. We like adding a little garlic or Montreal steak seasoning. You can also experiment adding other veggies to the frying pan or by adding balsamic vinegar to the finished shoots too.