Watering Hostas

Published 1-4-2021

Hostas are an easy-to-care for perennial plant. Despite thriving in partial shade, this plant benefits from regular watering. Hostas’ notoriously large leaves cause evaporation of water at the leaf level causing water to pull from the root system; therefore, regular watering is the most important tool for hostas care. As a general rule, an inch of water weekly is what it needs to grow. During hot weather or drought conditions, the soil will need to be consistently moist, but not saturated in order for the hostas to remain healthy.


How To Tell If Hostas Need Watered

The first sign that your hostas need watering is if the leaves are drooping or wilting, A good soaking will help to perk up the leaves. Brown edges on the leaves means the plant is in drought stress and you will need to increase watering. If the soil is dry when you stick your finger an inch down, then your hostas need water. Hostas thrive in, well-drained in moist soil. Saturated soil can cause slugs to invade the plant area.


How Often To Water Hostas

Hostas benefit from watering the root system versus watering the leaves. Slow deep watering of the soil promotes deep root growth. Newly planted hostas will need daily watering for the first two weeks.

Once established, small or medium plants will need a good soak once a week. Hostas are drought tolerant, yet like moist well drained soil. If the weather is hotter, increase the watering to three times per week. Large hostas should be watered two times per week and daily during hot weather, especially if it gets more sun.

Hostas growing in pots will require more frequent watering. Because pots drain quicker than gardens areas, it can be a challenge to give the plant the slow drink it needs. During the summer months, slowly water the pot every three days. If the soil still appears too dry, it may need daily watering.


Best Time To Water Hostas

We recommend that you water hostas plants in the morning. This will give the plant a chance during the day to slowly soak up the moisture. Watering in the evening will cause the soil to stay too moist, which is a welcoming atmosphere for slugs that will eat away at the plant.

Regular watering during the summer months is needed. The occasional watering in the fall is a good idea- watering until the first frost arrives. Hostas go dormant during the winter, so watering is not needed, especially if there is precipitation or snowfall.

How to Water Hostas

Step 1 - Water Weekly during the morning hours.
Hostas benefit from an inch of water a week.

Step 2 - Slowly water the plant.
Use a soaker hose, watering can, sprinkler, or rainfall to give hostas a deep drink.

Step 3 - Increase water if leaves wilt or turn brown.
Wilting leaves mean the plant is thirsty. Browning leaves is an indication of drought stress


Hostas Watering Tips

  • An inch of water weekly is needed
  • Water during the morning time
  • Slow deep watering is best
  • Watch for wilting or browning leaves (drought stress)
  • Avoid saturating the soil
  • Mulch around the roots to help retain moisture

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