Verbena Aren't Blooming

Verbena are typically grown for their flowers. Delicate flowers grow in an inflorescence or cluster and feature vibrant colors. Plants usually bloom from spring through fall, and in hot, subtropical areas, Verbena can bloom through the winter. If your Verbena is not flowering or buds are not opening, then you can take steps to help the plant and promote blooms.


Common Reasons Why Verbena Aren’t Blooming

Verbena are rather adaptable, so there are generally just a few causes when the plant is not blooming. 

  1. Light

Not enough sunlight is usually the problem when Verbena plants do not bloom, and the solution is easy: just move the plant to a sunny spot.

  1. Space

Verbena plants need room to spread out, and if grown in too small of a container, the plant may fail to bloom. Upgrade to a bigger container, give the plant time to acclimate, and the Verbena should bloom in a week or two.

  1. Pruning

If your Verbena is looking leggy and out of control, then pruning or cutting it back will help, but only trim back one-third of the plant at a time. Cutting back too much may stunt the growth and prevent the plant from blooming. If you gave your Verbena an aggressive trim, be patient and give it time to grow back.

  1. Fertilizer

You found a sunny spot, gave the plant space, and even fertilized it, but still no flowers? Check the fertilizer you used. If you used a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, that could be the issue. Nitrogen is a common ingredient in fertilizer, but it promotes lush foliage, preventing the plant from blooming. Try to stick to a 3-1-2 mix or a product that promotes blooms. If you suspect the fertilizer used is the issue, then wait at least a month before applying a more appropriate fertilizer.

Does Pruning Verbena Help Them Bloom

Pruning Verbena can help them bloom. Plants try to support any attached growth, so removing dead growth or spent flowers allows the plant to redirect that energy into new growth. Giving the plant a trim can help it come back more full and lush. Just remember to only remove up to one-third of the growth at a time. Removing too much can backfire and cause the plant to focus on new greenery instead of new flowers.


Does Fertilizing Verbena Help Them Bloom

The right fertilizer can help Verbena bloom. Select a 3-1-2 fertilizer mix or any product formulated to promote flowering. Read the packaging and always follow the instructions when feeding Verbena or any plants.

How Do I Get Verbena To Produce More Blooms

Help your Verbena to bloom by providing the absolute perfect conditions. Dialing in on the proper amount of light, water, and fertilizer can help the plant settle in and thrive, and a thriving Verbena will bloom all summer long.

Why Isn’t My Verbena Blooming

  • Not enough light
  • Rootbound
  • Too much pruning
  • Wrong kind of fertilizer
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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 13-12-2021