Watering Verbena

Verbenas are drought-tolerant, but these flowering plants still need water to ensure the blooms keep on coming throughout the growing season. Underwatered Verbenas may experience fewer flowers or suffer irreparable damage, so keeping up with a watering schedule is essential. How you water Verbena also matters and impacts how the plant will grow.


How To Tell If Verbena Needs Watered

Wilting, dry leaves, drooping stems, and cracked soil are signs of a dry Verbena. If the plant is overwatered, you will expect to see yellowing spreading back from the tips of the leaves, along with signs of blight or powdery mildew. Overwatered Verbenas are also prone to pests, so spider mites are more likely to be present when the plant is too wet. 

You can tell when a Verbena needs to be watered by feeling the soil. If the top few inches of the soil is dry to the touch, then it is time to water. 

How Often To Water Verbena

Recently planted Verbena will need daily watering to help the plant settle in. Plan on watering Verbena daily for the first 1 to 2 weeks after being planted.

After Verbena plants have acclimated, watering once a week is typically enough. Pay attention to rainfall as this can impact how often the plant needs water. During a heatwave or drought, the plant may need water twice a week or more. Monitor the weather and use the soil as a guide to determine when to water. Verbena prefers to dry out between watering, so if the soil feels dry, then you should water. If the soil is damp, give it more time before watering.

Can you overwater Verbena? Yes, you can overwater Verbena. Well-draining soil can help prevent overwatering—also, only water when the soil is dry to the touch.

Plants grown in pots dry rather quickly, so container-grown Verbena will need to be watered more frequently. The size of the container and the amount of light the plant receives will dictate how quickly the soil dries out, so always feel the soil to determine if the plant needs a drink. Container-grown Verbena may need to be watered every couple of days or possibly every day during very warm or dry periods.


Best Time To Water Verbena

During the growing season, water your Verbena in the morning when the temperature is cooler, and the plant will have time to soak up the moisture. Noontime through the afternoon is usually when the sun and temperature are at their peak. These are prime conditions for Verbena, and making sure the plants are thoroughly watered will prevent the Verbena from drying out too much.

Perennial Verbenas kept outdoors do not need to be watered when the plant is not actively growing. Verbenas brought inside for the winter will need to be watered when the soil is dry to the touch.

How to Water Verbena

Step 1 - Check the soil.

Water Verbena when the top several inches of soil are dry. 

Step 2 - Saturate the ground around the plant.

Thoroughly drench the ground to ensure the root ball is wet.

Step 3 - Water the soil and avoid getting the foliage wet.

Verbenas are susceptible to powdery mildew and keeping the foliage dry whenever possible can help prevent the mildew from taking hold.

Step 4 - Routinely check the plant.

Check the soil every few days or if you see signs of the plant drying out to avoid dehydration.

Verbena Watering Tips

  • Water when the top several inches of the soil is dry.
  • Water early in the day when possible to prevent the plant from drying out during the afternoon heat.
  • Apply water to the soil and avoid getting the foliage damp to reduce the chance of powdery mildew forming.
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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 13-12-2021